Y9S2 Designer’s Notes

In this latest edition of Designer's Notes, we'll go into detail about the balancing changes that'll come with the Y9S2 update and give you some insight into the reasons behind them.



Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.

Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator's Win Deltas per Bomb Site.




We recognize the delicate position of the Recruit Operator. While we have always wanted them to be playable and enjoyable in serious matches without being a meme, their potential had to be carefully managed due to the ability to have multiple Recruits on the same team. Additionally, the Recruit served as a safeguard for various systems, which meant that remastering it required also updating those systems.

Our goal is to ensure that players have meaningful choices, the same as we did with the new Weapon Attachments; we want to make every gameplay option viable and interesting. Therefore, we have decided to make the remastered Recruits available in all playlists. However, only one can be selected per team, similar to any other Operator. We've updated their 3D models to help differentiate them during matches, and their loadouts are now fully customizable. As they remain excellent options for learning Siege's mechanics, they will be automatically unlocked for free at level 0.

We appreciate their versatility in team compositions, so we wanted to enhance this concept. Instead of splitting Secondary Gadgets between Ability and Gadget slots, they will now have access to every secondary utility from their faction in both slots. This flexibility allows for more strategic loadouts. However, using the same gadget in both slots is not allowed. For example, if you select Breach Charges in the Ability slot, you cannot select it again in the Gadget Slot.

This new approach also means that whenever we introduce a new Secondary Gadget, one of them will receive a buff and expand its tactical possibilities. Our guiding principle is that no Secondary Gadget should surpass an Operator's unique Ability, so more specialized Operators will always remain the most efficient choice.

Striker, in particular, stands out as a versatile support on attack. You can assist Thermite with Impact EMP Grenades for breaching walls while using Hard Breach Charges to open the remaining hatches. Alternatively, protect your teammates by placing Claymores to block flanks and Smoke Grenades to control lines of sight. Or even take on the entry role with Frag Grenades and Stun Grenades while your team does the hard work.


  • Armor: 2

  • Speed: 2


  • Equips two gadgets instead of a gadget and an ability. Can select any attacking gadget on the team, but not the same twice.


  • Primary weapons: M4, M249

  • Secondary weapons: 5.7 USG, ITA12S


Sentry serves as the defensive counterpart to Striker. Their primary objective is to assist with site setup and provide any missing utility. If you require additional intel, consider bringing a Bulletproof Camera and Proximity Alarms. For enhanced map control, opting for a Deployable Shield and Barbed Wire would be more ideal.


  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2


  • Equips two gadgets instead of a gadget and an ability. Can select any defensive gadget on the team, but not the same twice.


  • Primary weapons: Commando 9, M870
  • Secondary weapons: C75 Auto, Super Shorty


Our main goal is to provide Attackers with additional methods and opportunities to effectively handle the deployed mines while enhancing a more strategic environment without negating Fenrir's anti-rush capabilities.

The intention is to create an environment where Attackers feel less overwhelmed by Fenrir's presence. To achieve this, we have expanded the ways to counter the mines. Proper droning will be rewarded, allowing players to clear the mines progressively, whether they are active or not.

Fenrir's effectiveness will now be closely tied to the deployment type and gadget size, rather than relying mainly on bulletproof capacities. Similar to other devices, ensuring that the mines are discreet and strategically placed increases their effectiveness and survivability through the round. Additionally, the Observation Blocker will help Fenrir keep their location more challenging to discover. This will also reduce Fenrir's crowd control capabilities at the same time as it will replace the Barbed Wire.

Fenrir's utility now hinges on his survival. We encourage calculated risks and active engagement with the gadget. The new ticket system and adjusted number of resources require constant attention. Fenrir won't be capable of covering all the flanks and will need to react to the attackers' push to be efficient and capitalize on his utility. This updated behavior will also reduce the entry barrier for new players because you are not double-punished by a wrong or experimental placement.


  • Max. resources (Mines): Reduced to 4 (from 5).
  • Max. resources (Tickets): Reduced to 2 (from 3).
  • An inactive mine is no longer bulletproof.
  • Tickets are no longer lost when an active mine is destroyed. They will return to Fenrir's inventory.
  • Disabling a mine automatically gets its ticket removed. They will return to Fenrir's inventory.


  • Secondary gadgets: Added Observation Blocker. Removed Barbed Wire.


We have two primary objectives; First we would like to reduce Solis pressure over the attacking drones, specifically during the Preparation Phase. Second we would like to increase the amount of players' attention on SPEC-IO resource management.

Solis has proven highly effective in hunting and neutralizing drones, which are crucial to build a successful Attack strategy. If Attackers cannot reveal the defenders' set up and position their drones inside the building the attack is likely to fail. Our goal is to strike a balance: Solis should remain relevant in this role while Attackers gain additional opportunities to fulfill their droning operations. With this changes Attackers will have less pressure to drone during the prep phase, but they will need to remain careful and aware of Solis during the Action Phase.

After some data analysis and observing player behavior we've come to the conclusion that the SPEC-IO resources are too generous. Players usually do not consume all the energy available for the SPEC-IO, and when they do it the wait time until they are back online is quite short. The new SPEC-IO resources setting should encourage players to use the SPEC-IO in shorter bursts rather than keeping them on for long periods of time.

We also want to reduce a bit Solis' roaming capabilities, specifically her speed while moving through the map. We will replace her Impact Grenades with Proximity Alarms which will give her a new tool to gather intel from long distances. We encourage players to explore less commonly used weapon like the Shotgun ITA12L, adding it to their loadouts will grant Solis is still capable of causing destruction and executing vertical plays.

We've introduced a set of changes to create a more balanced Solis. However, this isn't her final form! We're closely monitoring the impact of these adjustments while simultaneously developing a fresh wave of changes that will specifically enhance her gadget detection and scanning mechanics. Stay tuned for further improvements.


  • SPEC-IO goggles remain disabled during prep-phase.
  • SPEC-IO energy duration reduced to 10s (from 20s).
  • SPEC-IO needs to fully recharge before using it.
  • SPEC-IO Detection range 12m (from 15m).


  • Secondary gadgets: Added Proximity Alarm. Removed Impact Grenades.


Since his release, Deimos has had relatively low pick and win rates. While we believe the primary reason for this is his more advanced playstyle, we would like to explore ways to make him a little more comfortable to play.

By adding grip options to Deimos' AK-74M, we're hoping to make the weapon slightly more viable for his more aggressive support playstyle. However, we will be monitoring this change carefully, as we want to make sure that focus remains on taking full advantage of his DeathMARKs and Vendetta.


  • AK-74: Added Vertical, Angled, and Horizontal grips.



Our primary goal is to enhance the effectiveness of Barbed Wire while increasing the risk of not dealing with it on time.

We aim to make it more reliable for Defenders. It should no longer be an easily bypassed obstacle for Attackers. Instead of routinely passing through the Barbed Wire, we want it to serve as a last-resort option. Attackers should carefully consider their approach before attempting to cross. The Barbed Wire now inflicts 5hp damage per second to any Attacker moving through it. While this isn't a substantial amount, it should encourage Attackers to respect its presence. Importantly, the damage only occurs while the operator is actively moving within the wire. This means that they can still enter and hold an angle without taking damage.

Defenders should now rely on their hearing to detect Attackers moving through the wire. The operator's vocal reaction upon receiving damage reinforces the urgency of the situation and makes it more reliable. This feedback loop ensures that Defenders can respond promptly.

While we are not modifying the distribution of Barbed Wire among Defenders at this time, we will closely monitor its impact. If necessary, we may adjust loadouts in the future.


  • Deals 5hp damage every 1 second when moving inside it.
  • Wire stiffness increased.


[R6S] Y9S2 Designer's Notes - Rank_Distribution_PC

[R6S] Y9S2 Designer's Notes - Rank_Distribution_Console.

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