Since the start of our esports activities, we’ve seen many tournaments organized throughout our local communities. Grassroots competitions have been the foundation of our esports ecosystem and continue to provide opportunities for players to test their skills and start their competitive journey in our games. As we continue to cater to our local scenes and work with third-party tournament organizers, we’re very excited to introduce you to our new tournament licensing platform!

Thanks to this new feature, available directly on the Rainbow Six Esports website, we are looking to streamline the process to grant licenses to organize Rainbow Six Siege tournaments.

How does this platform work? Read on below to check out all the details on the new tournament licensing platform.

This is the very first iteration of the platform we are releasing publicly. Our goal is to continue to finetune this tool to make it as useful as possible to our community, offer more options in the future, and expand it to other competitive games at Ubisoft.


Running in parallel to professional events such as the Six Invitational, Six Majors, and our Regional Leagues, many local amateur and semi-professional tournaments are organized all year long by third-party tournament organizers. To organize such events on Rainbow Six Siege, tournament organizers need a license from Ubisoft.

Our goal with this new platform is to facilitate the access to tournament licenses by streamlining our request and review process for third party applications. To put it simply, tournament organizers within the community will now have a central space to request and receive their license faster than ever before.


The platform will have 2 different types of licenses available, depending on the scale of the tournament organized:

License available at launch: Community License

  • If your tournament fits the following criteria, you may request a Community License:
    • Total prize pool should be no greater than USD $10,000, or equivalent
    • Total sponsor compensation should be no greater than USD $10,000, or equivalent
    • The tournament is non-profit
    • As long as the criteria above is respected, this license will be generated automatically.

Once the request is approved, you will receive your license, along with a tournament kit with useful content and guidelines to help you organize your event.

At launch, licenses can only be generated in English.

More languages will be added later on.

Coming soon: Custom License

  • If your tournament does not fall into the criteria listed for the Community License, you may apply for a Custom License:
    • Fill out your tournament information directly in the platform.
    • Your application will be manually reviewed, and an answer will be provided to you following this assessment.

For the time being, only the Community License is available on the platform. The Custom License feature will be added later on. In the meantime, if you wish to organize a tournament that would normally require Custom License, please reach out to custom.tournament.licence@ubisoft.com


We are still at the initial stages of this project, and we wish to continue to finetune our tournament licensing platform in the coming months and years.
In the meantime, here are the next features we are looking to implement in the future:

  • Add the Custom License feature for larger scale tournaments.
  • Enable licenses to be generated in additional languages.
  • Add other Ubisoft competitive games on the platform.

Stay tuned for updates on the tournament licensing platform by following us on Twitter at @R6esports.


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