16 February 2024

Welcome to Skull and Bones

Start your adventure within the Indian Ocean

You are an aspiring pirate captain who was hired to escort The Exeter on its journey towards the Indian Ocean. During the journey, you were ambushed by enemy ships and you lose sight of your charge in the heat of battle accompanied by the foggy weather. Unfortunately, your ship sinks in the ambush, and you are shipwrecked upon an atoll with nothing but circling sharks.

Stranded in a new and perilous world inspired by the Indian ocean, with nothing to lose, you will have to use your wits and resolve to bend this hellish paradise to your will.

With you as their next prey maybe?

During this age of Piracy, shipwrecked survivors wash ashore every day. Very few manage to climb their way back to riches and infamy, let alone survive.

Fished out of the waters by other survivors, it's up to you to take the wheel and find a way to not only stay alive but reach Sainte-Anne, a known pirate den and the Exeter's original destination. From there on, it's on you to build your infamy. Under the pretence of learning from ruthless cutthroats, you'll threaten, ambush, and plunder - all in the name of piracy. Will you have what it takes?

If, you are unsure you are up to the challenge, why not try your hand at piracy by playing the trial version of Skull and Bones?

You can play for up to 8 hours on PC (Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S or PS5 by selecting your platform here. You can also directly download the free trial through the Ubisoft Connect launcher, the Epic Game launcher, the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store.

From Elite Warship captains who have the firepower of a small army, to Rogue Waves taking everything in their paths, there are many dangers within Skull and Bones. Will you be the scourge of the seas, a Kingpin among Captains or will you feed the sharks early on? Time will answer that question, but in the meantime, the Indian Ocean is your oyster - get started.

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