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Amidst the chaos, Watch Dogs: Legion has the best and worst London has to offer. Whether you go for the classic or niche landmarks, galleries, museums, markets, or gorgeous skylines, it’s waiting to be discovered. Luckily for you, we’ve got a proper travel guide to help you navigate the city to your benefit while taking in the sights.



Camden is a colorful sanctuary filled with murals and street artists. While Albion, Clan Kelly, Blume, and special interests all claim a stake to this borough, they can’t quell the Resistance, and it shows! If you’re looking to window shop, carve out some time to stroll through the vendors and musicians down Camden High Street. Just stay out of alleys if you want to keep your parts. On your way to Hardy Church, sneak into St. Pancras International to recover an Egyptian Artifact. You'll be absolved at one of the oldest sites of worship and home to the grave ash tree, where beekeepers drip with honey. Fully enlighten your experience by unlocking the Camden borough to receive a borough shopping discount, Hacker+ skilled operative, and Tech Points reveal.



Home to the British government for centuries, the City of Westminster is a hub of British power and culture. Give yourself the royal treatment and march down to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen’s Guards. The once quaint Duck Island Cottage is only a few hopped fences away for a relic keepsake. Glimpse the looming S.I.R.S. HQ, and keep a watchful eye out for spies and SIRS officers; they’re certainly watching you. If you need to escape the oppression, hop in a driverless black cab, and head to the historic Trafalgar Square to listen to the protestors, or sneak in some retail therapy from black market vendors, Walker’s Court, or even a magic show! If you decide to join DedSec and release City of Westminster from extreme surveillance, you’ll be rewarded with a Tech Point reveal, borough shopping discount, and the Spy+ skilled operative.



Islington & Hackney boasts an eclectic entertainment and pub scene, connected by a large transport network. Grab a drink, then take in the views, and a relic, from the Seam Nightclub rooftop. For a little peace, a stroll through the Evergreen City Garden will find you both beekeepers and drone experts vying for air space. If you’re in the mood to escape the existential nightmare instead, the World of Tomorrow is the social hotspot. A melting pot of London, people from all walks of life boasting or hiding their abilities can be just the distraction you’re looking for. Release the people of Islington & Hackney from their torment to reveal tech points, and receive a Football Hooligan+ skilled operative, and a borough shopping discount.



City of London is a busy business and financial center, even without support from the outside, or the Bank of England; might be worth hacking for a relic though. Ringed with Albion checkpoints, the Square Mile continues to build toward a brighter future after the TOAN Attack; at least the construction workers are happy. The parks near Barbican Centre and the Finsbury Circus Gardens offer a lovely way to escape the hustle and bustle, or you can saunter down Fleet Street. Once the City of London has been freed from the chokeholds of Albion, expect a borough shopping discount, Tech Point reveal, and the Beekeeper+ skilled operative.



Tower Hamlets is the heart of the East End, and a vibrant epicenter for refuge and exploitation. You should feel safe exploring the enchanting Thames Landing with the presence of police officers; you never know though, the person next to you could be a hitman. The gorgeous riverside views are a perfect destination, with the Tower of London, Albion’s Central Headquarters, their Elite Guards, and a relic overlooking your every move. Pass through Whitechapel Terminus on your travels through the hamlets, but stick to the street to avoid a fate not unlike Jack the Ripper’s victims. Slicing Tower Hamlets free will gain you Tech Points reveal, a borough shopping discount, and the Getaway Driver+ skilled operative.



Nine Elms is an exciting destination, and a representation of developers’ dreams for the future. High rises and the ultra-modern US Embassy house lawyers, barristers, and the elite. Also the home to the rising start-up Parcel Fox, you can find couriers transporting to and from their Headquarters and Distribution Centre. Visit the Nine Elms Docks for gorgeous river views, and hidden party favors, before sunset. Don’t forget to check out the high- and low-end nightlife. If you prefer a more down to earth experience, the Solar Garden is the place for you. If you happen to free the citizens of Nine Elms from the trappings of big business, Tech Points will be revealed, you’ll receive a borough shopping discount, and a Professional Hitman + skilled operative will be your reward.



Lambeth is known for its gorgeous waterfront residences and cultural vibrancy. While still looking for a place to call home, the European Processing Centre houses a relic, and people from all walks of life with a wide range of personalities and abilities for you to meet. Remember, St. Thomas Hospital has paramedics, nurses, and doctors on staff should you start to feel ill. If you’re a history buff, head to the Stockwell War Bunker or Imperial War Museum. Step out to Boxtown, Brixton Arcade, or Electric Avenue to take in the revelry of dancers, hooligans, and so much more. If you un-anchor Lambeth from the grid, you’ll be in for a real treat, revealing Tech Points, a borough shopping discount, and the Drone Expert+ skilled operative.



Southwark is a mecca of exciting attractions mixed with poverty. If you arrive near the LDN Bus Depot, keep your wallet close; Clan Kelley goons lurk about, and Bareknuckle amateur fighters look for easy targets. Don’t worry though; paramedics, nurses, and doctors are on staff at Guy’s Hospital if something unforeseeable happens. On your way to the Shard, wander through Tidis Park or the New Market for a refreshing glimpse of people from all walks of life, or travel through the London Bridge to find a relic. A visit to London wouldn’t be complete without checking the Tate Modern off your list, with its statuesque buskers, and musicians outside, awaiting your applause...and tips. Peel the veneer back from Southwark and you’ll be left with Tech Points, a borough shopping discount, and the Anarchist+ skilled operative.

There’s much to see and do in London. We’d love to see your top travel pics, so be sure to tag @watchdogsgame. If you’re interested in finding more of what London has to offer, you can find more here.


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