12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Watch Dogs: Legion

Within the open world of Watch Dogs: Legion are plenty of opportunities, tricks, and details you might not be completely aware of. While we don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering all of the game’s secrets, we asked developers to share a few of their favorite hidden gems that showcase the wide range of cool details and tricks available from day one. From gadget experimentation to avenging your fallen recruits, here’s what they had to say:

Avenge Your Fallen Operatives No matter how good you are, there’s always a chance things could go completely wrong out in the field and an operative could wind up dead. While you’re always free to turn the other cheek, the person who killed your operative will become persistent in the world, meaning there’s a very good chance you’ll encounter them again. When you do, whether or not you choose to enact revenge is up to you. You certainly don’t have to…but nobody here will pass any judgement.

Get To Know Your Recruits Every character in Watch Dogs: Legion is unique, all the way down to a unique story and history you can learn about by reading their Bios on the team tab. Get to know your recruits!

Operatives Are People Too When they’re off-duty, operatives will go out into the open world and live their own lives. And, when you’re out and about, there’s a good chance you might bump into them on the job, out shopping, or even just on an evening stroll.

Getaway Spiderbot Turret If you find yourself in an intense car chase across London, give yourself a bit of extra protection by mounting a Spiderbot turret to the roof of your car. Doing so will cause the Spiderbot to fire at pesky drones and enemies while you race your way to freedom.

No Fall Damage Unlike humans, Spiderbots take no fall damage. So when you find yourself staring down an intimidating drop on the way to an objective, lean on your indestructible little buddy for the leap of faith.

Reach Difficult Places with Drones Sometimes completing an objective will require you to reach difficult areas. To help sidestep that, place a Spiderbot on a cargo drone and fly the spider to the points you need to reach. This is especially useful in red zones.

Attract and Distract with Electro-Shock Even the most seemingly straightforward gadgets can have multiple uses. In this case, the Electro-Shock Trap has a built-in hack to Attract enemies. Use this to simply move enemies around and recall the gadget before they get too close and get electrified from it, leaving no bodies behind to rouse suspicion.

AR Cloaks are Multipurpose - While it’s a stealth tool at its core, the AR Cloak can be used in combat effectively as well. Take cover, use the cloak, and sprint towards your enemies' flank to gain positional advantage in a gunfight, all without being seen.

Fashion Changes By the Brand Are you in the market for a fresh new look? Fashion differs by the store brand, which are generally distributed to be in appropriate neighborhoods. For example, fancier areas will have more formal shops, while “hipper” areas will have more alternative shops. Be sure to explore and get to know each of the areas to determine where you need to go.

Keep an Eye Out for Secrets There are QR codes scattered around London. While we’re not going to tell you if or what they might offer, we will encourage you to seek them out as you go.

Hide Your Spiderbots When fully upgraded, use the Combat Spiderbot to manually fire at enemy forces, then hide it in a hard-to-reach spot such as under a desk or between crates. This makes it difficult for enemies in combat to find and damage it, giving you time to reposition around the layout.

Recruit Grandma and Grandpa Interested in building up Dedsec, Boomer style? Your best bet is to find a nursing home. There is one that's easy to find - The Charterhouse - a 14th century monastery that's now an almshouse, located west of the Barbican Centre and east of Farringdon tube station (it's not marked on the map, but its easily identified by its architecture). Check it out, and start taking back power using the technology your grandkids would normally have to explain to you.

While these are some of the designer’s favorites, they’re by no means all of the neat details and tricks waiting to be found. Experiment, explore, and share your discoveries with us on social!

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