Your favorite trivia game is back!

Take your place on the stage and showcase your knowledge against friends and family. Challenge other players from all around the world. Choose your favorite category and collect as many wedges as you can to win!


Game Overview

Showcase your knowledge

Play your favorite trivia game like you never have before in a TV game show experience with four original question formats.

Swing the odds in your favor by mastering the different round types. Some rounds rely on category choice while others require speed and quick thinking. There are even rounds based on cumulative good answers.

Challenge yourself with brand-new questions and collect as many wedges as you can.

Customize your trivia experience

Play as one of the new characters, unlock rewards, and pick your favorite outfit and accessory to look your best on the new modern stage.

Adapt your game length and select family questions, which makes it easier for the whole family to play and show off their knowledge.

Play with up to three other players in Classic mode or engage in 2v2 battles with a friend in Versus mode

Bring the challenge online

Face online opponents from all over the world.
Compete against your favorite streamers and other viewers on Twitch, with the brand-new streaming mode using the Twitch chat voting system.

Challenge other viewers on Twitch

Discover the Twitch Mode, a new feature allowing you to compete against other viewers and your favorite streamers online. Thanks to the Twitch chat voting system only one copy of TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! 2 is required!

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With hundreds of new questions, adapted level of difficulties, and a diverse line-up of characters, everyone can join the party and enjoy the thrill of a fast-paced TV show experience. Take your place on stage to showcase your knowledge and face off against friends and family to collect as many wedges as you can to take home the win! TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! 2 is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Russian

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TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! 2 is available on:

Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch

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