November 29, 2019

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Spooktacular Cosplays, SHD Style Time Keeping and a Miniature P-017


The nights are getting darker and the cold is setting in, so why not get yourself a nice hot drink and sit down to read our November's edition of Agent Highlights?

In this months' issue, we are excited to share with you some beautifully crafted creations by our community, as well as a range of excellent cosplays and stunning fan art.

We can't wait to show you, so let's begin, shall we?


Let us start with Agent Max, who channelled the spirit of Halloween and spooked us by sharing his rather impressive and terrifying Hyena Cosplay!

Thank you for sharing your cosplay with us, and we hope that the Hyena initiation ceremony wasn't too scary and that you had a spooktacular Halloween!

Our next Agent should be no stranger to our regular readers, it's Agent Mabeobja!
She has journeyed out on yet another adventure, and this time she has been at the Paris Games Week in her The Division Agent cosplay.

She shared that one of the most notable moments for her during this event, was that she was being recognised by more people; as a Cosplayer of an Agent of The Divison. We are happy to hear that!

Here she is giving a rather remarkably large Rabbid a fist bump, we admire your courage Mab and we are pleased to see that you enjoyed the event!

A big assembly of The Division Agents gathered at Gamescom this year. Sebastian shared an outstanding group picture of several of these agents coming together. Every agent looks spectacular and we continue to be impressed with the attention to detail in everyone's cosplays.

@ArmidasTV, @skumy6661, @TheInkedRabbit, @SarahJenak, @DarkyMoony & @Netra_Kara
Photo by Highfrency

Fan Art

Our first fan art feature that we want to show you is a commission of Agent WildMax10 & Keelan, created by the talented morr337.

Such impressive attention to detail, you've captured their stances and expressions beautifully.

GrandarexAWD is back with a brand new ThrowingSHD Comic, so naturally, we had to share this with you all!

This new instalment is both delightful and witty with plenty of puns and entertaining imagery. Click here to read the full comic, you won't be disappointed!

If you want to see more of Grandarex's work visit his online portfolio and also check out our new SHD Spotlight feature where he told us a bit more about himself and his work.

Fan Creation

Now this is a spectacular piece include in this month's highlights. Poshy shares their fan creation that will ensure every Agent arrives to Base of Operations morning briefs on time.

This clock features the iconic logo in Divison orange and would be an excellent addition to anyone's office, room or gaming cave. Thank you for sharing your creation with us!

CT4BB also shares their excellent craftsmanship, in the form of the Hive Skill which comes with a remote that changes the lighting effects of the Hive.

Now that is an impressive piece of kit and would be a great addition to any cosplay that focuses on the Hive skills.

Team Favourite

This month's favourite goes to someone who you might have seen featured before, the talented Compassghost.

You continue to impress us with the attention to detail and time you invest in creating these miniature replicas. This P-017 Rocket Launcher from the recent Technician Specialization looks incredible.

You can check out the build diary of how all of this came together over on imgur, where has documented each step of the process.

We hope you enjoyed the November's edition of Agent Highlights, we love seeing what you have been up to and can't wait to see more of your highlights in the future!

So remember Agents, if you would like a chance to be featured in future Agent Highlights articles; tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights.

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team


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