September 26, 2019

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Clan Spotlight: Looking For Gamers [LFG]

Greetings Agents!

Our spotlight this time is focused on the Looking For Gamers [LFG] clan. Through a shared passion for assisting their community, this clan came together from several separate clans; to form a community where raid support and build assistance were centre stage.

In the limelight, we have six founders that give us a sneak peek at their ambitions and focuses, as well as their ambition to expand their clan by always welcoming new members to the Looking For Gamers community.

Let us get this show on the road!

For anyone who do not know Looking For Gamers [LFG] can you introduce yourself and your clan?

The Saints Legion: We are a Division 2 clan that focuses on helping players through the raid. We are a growing community with over 500 members in our Discord. We have a stream team that runs raids around to clock live on Mixer during the day and throughout the night.

We are proud members of our clan, our brand and we are looking for new members to join our team.


The Saints Legion, Teez Monkey, S7arving, MotoengineSG12, Snaky The God, Whiskey dF

We are the Looking For Gamers Clan – our motto is: Losing the toxicity, building the community! - LFG


Can you share the story of how Looking For Gamers [LFG] began?

TheSaintlegion: So the main six founding members of our clan were originally part of different Division 2 clans. We met through the looking for group search on Xbox and other social media platforms such as Reddit & Facebook.

We started playing together more frequently, completing raids together daily and formed a great friendship. We decided that as a group, we wanted to form an official Division 2 clan that focused heavily on helping people through the raid.

From there, the clan has grown exponentially, leading to us creating multiple sub-clans, due to the number of people who wanted to become a part of our community.

One of Looking For Gamers [LFG] focus is assisting players through the raid, can you explain why this is an important part of your Clan?

Whiskey dF: As a clan we came to notice the lack of community effort to assist new players, or inexperienced players in the raid. At the start of assisting people through the raid, less than 1% of the Xbox player base had completed the entire raid encounter successfully. When trying to find groups on the Looking for Group search on the Xbox, people were soon asking for ridiculous requirements that frankly most players could not meet.

We then decided that we would focus on the 99% that had not completed the raid and formed a team that had the sole focus on helping these players achieve their first raid completion.

Helping people through the raid is important to our clan as it is a physical representation of our clan motto – losing the toxicity, building the community. - Whisky dF

Furthermore, the raid is the most difficult content on the game, so being able to help these people through the raid was an amazing feeling. We also felt that by doing this and providing a community for people, it gave these players a platform to make friends and play with people they may not have been able to find on their own.

The clan offers help with builds/gear to a variety of players with different play styles; can you share why you assist with this?

Snaky The GOD: The aim of our build sharing is to help people to solidify their play style. We have multiple build templates that are available to all members of our Discord server. Build diversity is one of the key components that makes the Division 2 so great to play, so we felt that being able to have a place where people can come together, discuss builds and share effective combination of gear would give people the knowledge to make some amazing builds. This can completely change a persons' perspective about the entire game.

We help people understand the basics of build creating to better their overall experience and to help them understand why certain builds/ gear pieces are appropriate for certain encounters and maybe not too viable for others. Our group has over 1000 raid completions between us and we felt that sharing our builds could help people experiment, take inspiration from and could help better peoples raiding / PvE experience.

We make sure our clan, or people that have joined our Discord server, know that we have sections dedicated to builds – with templates that we recommend for their different playstyles. - Snaky The God

What is it that makes your Clan different?

Motoenginesg12: We have a varied game culture whereby we try to take a more relaxed and accepting approach to gaming. The Looking for Gamers community understand that everyone has different backgrounds and availability when it comes to gaming. We would consider ourselves as dedicated gamers.

Being dedicated gamers, once realising that a large portion of the Division community that we are a part of, had trouble completing the raid, we focused our efforts on assisting people who do not have the disposable time, or the right team to complete the hardest content in the game. We actively use social media to search for people who need help.

In summary, we believe that what makes us different is the time and effort we put in to provide players - who may not have been able to find a team, the opportunity to play with people that are willing to help them improve and find a community where nobody is judged by their skills.

LFG Clan
Left to Right: Snaky The God, l AK Rebel l, Ghost Rebel Dj, Whiskey dF, The Saints Legion, MotoengineSG12, S7arving, Teez Monkey.

How do you envision the future of your clan? What are your goals and aspirations?

S7arving: Our aim is to build our community within the Division 2 and work this community across other platforms and onto to other games too.

We want to continue to bring people from all corners of the gaming community together – encouraging them to help people who need help, enjoy their gaming experience and have a place they can meet other likeminded people and form the friendships like we, the [LFG] founding clan members have. - S7arving

Our number 1 goal is to encourage people to be a part of our Discord and our focus right now is ensuring that it is serving its purpose of building our community.

Are there any Clan moments in The Division 2 that you would like to share with the community and us?

TheSaintsLegion: One of my favourite clan moments was when Moto and I were scrolling down Facebook groups looking at peoples raiding posts and we came across a person live streaming his raid. We hopped in and showed some support and they were struggling on the Buddy and Lucy encounter. We were talking to him in his chat and trying to give him a few pointers, but his raid team were heavily struggling.

Some of the group lost patience and four of those members ended up leaving so Moto & I asked him if we could join him, grab a couple of our guys to fill in the extra spots and help them finish the raid. He said yes, we got our team in the raid, finished Buddy and Lucy on the second attempt and completed Razorback on the first. I will never forget his reaction. Priceless.

S7arving: My favourite clan moment is not specific to one period-of-time, but rather spread over 3 ½ months. It's quite an interesting experience you get with players that you meet through playing The Division 2, and the camaraderie that has been built up between us all is one that we all hold to the highest level of trust, respect, prestige and loyalty.

However, if we have to very specific, I would have to mention one of the funniest moments that I remember is when Snaky was heartbroken due to Chick-Fil-A closing (either for the night or completely shut down).

Teez Monkey: One of my favourite moments on the Division 2 was when a person came into our stream asking for help but was deaf. He had no means of communication with us other than the Mixer chat, and we helped him get his first raid completion.

It was such a different experience because we had to ensure we timed the encounters precisely. We had to stop and quickly type into the Mixer chat so that he could understand what we were doing...

It was incredible! It was amazing how grateful he was and he is now a proud member of our community. – Teez Monkey

Can you describe what your favourite clan activities are in game?

[LFG]: Our favourite activity now is the Dark Hours raid; we spend 90% of our time in the Dark Hours raid, and the other 10% at the re-calibration station and our stashes.

![LFG Clan Raid Completion]( clan raid completion _356486.jpg "LFG Clan Raid Completion")
Clan Raid Completion

Is there any specific activity you would like to be able to do with your Clan?

We would like to do weekly collaborations with other streamers, players and help them with content. We want to expand our vision into other games and establish us as an official brand.

If someone wants to join and explore D.C. with you, where can they find you?

They can find us by heading to our social platforms:

Discord Discord Channel TwitterTwitter Account FacebookFacebook Page WebsiteOfficial Website

The best way to come and explore with us is through Discord, we are always active on there! You can catch us streaming regularly on Mixer– just hop in the comments, say hello and let us know that you wanna hang out.

Is there anything you would like to share with The Division community?

[LFG]: We would like to say that if there are any members of the community that are on Xbox that are struggling with any type of content, raids, pve, pvp then you are welcome.

Everyone is welcome and we will do our best to accommodate for you and help you. If you are struggling to find groups, join our Discord, say hello, and let us know that you need help and we will be there. If there are any members of the community that feel that they want to help us, we are always looking for more people to join our team and help. All you have to do is visit our website and fill in the form.

We want to expand to other platforms so if there are any groups that are interested, you can use our Contact Us section.

Clan Name: Looking For Gamers

Clan Tag LFGamers [LFG]

Platform: Xbox

Region: Everywhere

Language: English / German / French (many languages)

Focus: PVE / PVP /Main focus: RAID

Associated Clans: LFGamerz (Main sub-clan)

Thank you to the founder and members of Looking For Gamers [LFG]. Check out their Discord if you want to join them and explore D.C. together!

You can also catch many of the members streaming on their Mixer channel. If you would like to share your Clan's story with us and with the community, let us know what your Clan has been up to using the hashtag #DivisionClanSpotlight. You could be featured in our next Clan Spotlight!

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team


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