July 30, 2020

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Agent Highlights: The True Sons have a new leader

Greetings Agents,

This month many of you have anticipated and participated in the Operation Iron Horse Raid. It has been thrilling to watch agents race to “World First” and it has been an exciting couple of weeks.

For this month’s Agent Highlights, we are bringing you some of our favourite cosplay stories, a new leader of the True Sons cosplay community, and some fetching hand-made devices that we all need and want to store in our homes.

Agent Highlights | Team Favourite Divider

For our team favourite we wanted to feature Cosband United Nations for their incredible photo story which can be found here! This Twitter moment was exciting and highly anticipated in the community to see how the True Sons would fair amongst The Division Agents. This story “Backpack” was a prequel to their story “Loss”. We hope you enjoy it. What a great job by all who were involved.

Agent Highlights  CosbandUnitedNations

Agent Highlights | Fanart Header

First up, we have a sticker design of the famous Eagle Bearer from u/GOpencyprep. The style, colouring, and design is fresh and we wanted to show our appreciation by sharing. Who knew the gun could keep looking better?

Agent Highlights - GOpencyprep

The use of Virtual photography in our game is something of an art and this set of photos from AgtMorganCreed showcases just that. They have been captured using the bare minimum of lighting on part of their agent in a silhouette form. It really helps to show small details and is a great take on the use of the in-game Photo-Mode feature.

AgentHighlights AgtMorganCreed (1)

This next in-game photo we thought could possibly be concept art or an adaptation due to how interesting the portrait shot is. We have ThePlotInNoU to thank for this stunning alleyway location. Please click this link to view the png version. Now, time to order that pizza … (Don’t worry, pineapple is banned)

AgentHighlights ThePlotInNoU

Agent Highlights | Cosplay Divider

In the cosplay community, we witnessed Cap taking the lead of the True Sons and in response, cosplayers responded with their cosplays in support or in anger of the news. It certainly makes for an interesting thread. Which side are you on?


Here are some of the responses from both the True Sons and from The Division agents which flooded through in response:

AgentHighlights ResponseToCap

Agent Highlights | Fan Creations Divider

We thought we would end the article with some fantastic hand-made items from the community. We are always astounded by the creativity levels which we come across.

The first of outstanding fan creations is this multi coloured Hive created by Equivalent-Round. This is fully hand-created from start to finish and is appreciated here in the office by our teams.

AgentHighlights - EquivalentRound - Hive

The second fan creation is this hand crafted 3D printed Sniper Turret complete with a functional laser sight by u/AgentTatDaddy. The skill, determination and craftmanship in creating this has been greatly appreciated by the Reddit community and social teams.

AgentHighlights Turret

Last but not least we want to leave you with a fan-made video featuring some of our favourite shots of environments throughout Washington. ThePlotInNoU has created a collection of short video bursts using our in-game photo mode, and the results are outstanding. Please take the time to see for yourself with the video below.

Thanks for sticking with us through July’s Agent Highlights. We really appreciate the talent our community members share with us each day and we hope you have appreciated them as much as us.

If you would like to be featured in our Agent Highlight Articles, make sure to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlight

Signing off.

/The Division Community Team


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