July 19, 2023

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Together in Pride: The Division 2

As the Pride Month celebration continues across the globe (yes, we do celebrate it in July here in Sweden), it's crucial to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in games. To honor this special occasion, Community Developer Daria Ilyina and Narrative Director Lauren Stone joined forces to bring you an insightful podcast that explores inclusivity and diversity within The Division 2.

"If you're going to make an assumption about anybody in a game right now then everybody' sexuality is either pansexual or bisexual. Until told otherwise."

In the podcast, Daria and Lauren delve into the role of the Narrative Director, emphasizing the importance of inclusive writing. They also engage in a meaningful discussion about LGBTQIA+ representation within The Division 2 game. One character that stands out the most is Faye Lau, who plays a pivotal role in the game's narrative. Her dedication to the cause, tough decision-making, and unwavering resolve makes her an inspiring figure for players. It's worth noting that Faye is pansexual, as revealed by Lauren Stone.

Throughout the story, players witness her personal growth and transformation as she overcomes her own fears and doubts, emerging as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

[TD2] Faye Lau

"The characters that we have are a legacy that was started before I ever came here, and I feel very honored to carry it on, to expand it, and to make it more and more inclusive."

Lauren also shares insights into the inspirations behind other compelling characters like Lauren Fong, Amanda Weeks, and Mel and Jack Arnold - characters we're going to meet in the upcoming Season 2 of Year 5.

In Season 1 of Year 5. titled "Broken Wings," players will encounter Lauren Fong and her girlfriend Amanda Weeks. Lauren's role is crucial in the restoration and upkeep of the fish farm and aquaponics operations at the Castle.

Mel Arnold, a non-binary individual, another intriguing character that players will meet in the upcoming Season 2, was a professional writer prior to the Green Poison outbreak. They publish non-fiction works about green and sustainable living and create fictional worlds where these principles could be fully explored.

[TD2] Lauren Fong

Beyond the boundaries of games and DLC, The Division universe expands into other mediums. Thomas Parrot's novels "Recruited" and "Compromised" not only contribute to the original story but also introduce outstanding LGBTQIA+ characters like Maria, Leo, and Brenda. Fans of the Division lore will find these books worth exploring due to the numerous ties they share with the original game's story.

[TD2] Recruited and Compromised

" It doesn't matter if someone shows up for two minutes or twelve hours, if that two minutes is more authentic than twelve hours then people will gravitate towards them."

Diversity and inclusion representation in games goes way beyond just checkboxes; it's a powerful force that elevates the gaming experience and nurtures inclusivity in society. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging for all players within The Division 2.

We wish everyone a Happy Pride Month.

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