December 12, 2019

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This Week in The Division 2 – December 12


We're back with another edition of This Week in The Division 2, your one stop place to stay up to date with everything The Division 2.

Today we will go through we will recap Title Update 6.1, a small sneak peek into our ongoing UI improvements and recap some info you might have missed from last week.


Maintenance was performed Tuesday December 10. Title Update 6.1 was deployed during the maintenance window.

Don't forget to follow us on @UbisoftSupport and @TheDivisionGame for maintenance updates. You can find all patch notes and server status updates on our official forums.

6.1 Update

We're happy seeing your warm reception of Update 6.1. We can't wait to see more crazy clips and stories emerging from the Hardcore Mode and the Black Tusk will surely fear the SHD even more now once you are equipped with the Sleigher Tommygun.

With that said, the Title Update 6.1 deployment did not go as planned and our maintenance was extended by 5 hours, for a total of near 8 hours downtime. We want to apologize for this and assure you that we were as bummed out about it as you were! As compensation, all players who log in before December 31st will receive an additional 3 keys for the Silent Night apparel event.

  • TU6.1 Issues we are seeing reported by our players and are actively investigating:
    • Invisible walls.
    • Targeted loot behaving differently, not dropping as frequently as before.
    • Delayed delivery of Apparel Event keys for Year 1 pass owners.
      • This seems to fix itself after playing for a while, but we will investigate further.
    • Crosshairs disappearing.
    • Clan Caches are item Level 350.
      • This seems to be a visual bug only and the items inside have the correct item level.
    • Cassie Mendoza and other vendors not having any items in the inventory for some players.

Development Update:

  • We wanted to give you a quick sneak peek on some of the UI improvements we are currently working on. Amongst other improvements, you can now see how close your looted gear is to a "god roll". Tune in January, 2020 for more UI goodness!

Situation: Snowball

Situation: Snowball is now live!

As a reminder, all Agents who login will receive a Holiday Supplies Care Package that includes three Standard Apparel Keys, three pieces of equipment, and your very own Santa Hat. Additionally, there are reports of Hoarder NPCs spotted in Washington D.C. who are wearing Santa Hats. These up-to-no-goods offer a special treat, if you can find and kill them: The Sleigher Tommy Gun! This named weapon shoots snowballs and comes with a unique talent "Hidden Rock"—headshots apply confuse, can occur every 20 seconds. How do you get your hands on it? Your first Santa-Hat-wearing Hoarder will drop the gun, guaranteed. Afterwards, all Hoarders wearing hats will have a chance to drop another.

For additional information, see our dedicated article here.

Hardcore Mode

The Hardcore Mode Beta is now live! This mode started as a side project for some of our developers who were passionate about the idea and we really enjoyed it internally, so we decided to share it with you before the holidays as a little gift from us. In hardcore mode, death is permanent, and your agent cannot be revived. We're looking forward to seeing how our community will tackle this challenge and no doubt be impressed by how skillful you in the community can be.

For additional information, see our dedicated article here

Silent Night Apparel Event

Our fifth Apparel Event will start on December 10th, featuring a dark winter theme! For our newer Agents, Apparel Events offer an opportunity to earn new cosmetic items through limited-time Apparel Caches. This time, our Silent Night Apparel Cache features 35 new apparel items to collect. Earn keys to open this cache through gameplay or direct purchase before the event ends and earn a unique reward! To further celebrate the holiday season, you can also gift Apparel Caches to fellow Agents!

For additional information, see our dedicated article here.

Kenly College is now closed

The Kenly College Expedition has now closed its doors and will open again on December 31st, 2019 if you're still hunting for the elusive Diamondback exotic.

State of the Game 142

There will be no State of the Game next week as we're about to head out on our annual holiday break.

State of the Game will return to our normal weekly schedule on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 where we will talk about Episode 3 as well as provide you with a State of the Game roadmap for the January period. Mark the date in your calendars!

The development team here at Massive wants to wish you all a happy holiday period and we're very excited to share more about the exciting future of The Division 2 early next year.


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