March 25, 2021

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Agent Highlights: Fanart, Rogues, Cosplays and a closeup of the essential Division Agent kit

Greetings Agents,

For this month our agents once again shared their creative work again and today we are thrilled to highlight a few of your amazing creations, virtual photos and Cosplays from March!

Agent Highlights | Fanart Divider resized

Let's start with this amazing Fanart, made by dagger6art who created a badass Black Tusk Drone Operator, who is ready to fight against the SHD. We really love the composition and colours in this artwork.

[TCTD2] dagger6art

GeekNamedMike took those amazing shots in-game, which represent the overall abandoned environment in The Division 2 so well.  The composition and the angles just hit the right spot for this kind of aesthetic.


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white_nizarit shared this amazing set of photos of their SHD Agent Cosplay. The atmosphere, lightning and of course the cosplay itself is so breath-taking that we have to share their amazing work from both White_Nizarit and their photographer eugene_godlewski. We look forward to seeing you both collaborate again!


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095_division is ready to save what remains with the iconic Kriss Vector and the essential items every SHD Agent needs. Let's just hope their watch doesn't show red when it's turned on. We will be watching! Are you sure that you are not a real-life agent?


We also want to share the beautiful work made by Oscar_chan_992 who created for his very first cosplay as a rogue agent a glowing Hive as prop. For the first cosplay we think it looks wonderful and the photos looking great! Keep up the great job.

oscar chan1
oscar chan2

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Last but not least, we would really love to share a cosplay from the Girls Frontline x The Division Collaboration Event made by titem27 which is a refreshing take on the main Game. We were a fan of the outfit, craftmanship and environment in which the photos were taken. Make sure to check out all their photos in the link above. It certainly appealed to each of us in the team for bringing a new look to how we know our Agents!

titem27 1titem27 2

That's all for now, agents! Remember to tag your creations with #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in one of these articles.

Wishing you the best of luck in New York and D.C.

Signing off,

/The Division Community Team


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