February 15, 2019

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Agent Highlights: Hunters vs Agents

Greetings Agents,

We have been away for a while with Agent Highlights, but we are back with full throttle! We had lots of activity and we can't wait to share with you what the community has been up to.

You probably know how it works by now: all featured Agents will receive an in-game gift of 1000 Phoenix Credits.

First of all, let us set the mood for this Agent Highlights with Sonic Clang's cover of "Precinct Siege".

Now that the tunes are set, let's jump into the Fan Art section.


We have a very cool anime style interpretation of The Division Agent, by Nian.

We are always happy to see how The Division world would look in different settings and styles.

Next, we have a couple of drawings by Kapo. These Agents seem to be on top of things!

We have one more brilliant art piece to share with you.

The Agents' air band by Dazeroyuu.


Let us take a look at what SHD_Umbra has been up to with his diorama project.

Can you recognise these Agents?

If you are looking to update your social media profiles with The Division banners, then check out this one by Cheshire Cat.

We have always been big fans of community members' collaboration on fan creations. Having said that, we have an awesome piece by LaraNecro, featuring Foxxie, Mab and 6Golf3Bravo.


We are all familiar with the saying "the more the merrier", well, it also applies to The Division Agents!

Thank you Agents Sebastian, Frostie, LowMex, Skumy6661, Gianni_P, DarkyMoony and Apples003.

We have no doubt that D.C. will be rescued!

As a Division Agent, you are not only required to restore order, but you are also expected to help the needy. Yes, including the Hunters, as Agent Nadya and Hunter Moonlight show us.

Make sure to check more of their amazing work here.

Next we have The0Pro in a typical Agent situation, or is he?

Careful Agent, there seems to be a Hunter down there!

It's Moonlight! This doesn't look good...

No Agents were harmed in the scenario above.

You'll get him next time. We believe in you Agent!


We are blessed by a love letter to The Division and the city of New York from the one and only Agent Mab.

We just wanted to thank you for this heart-warming video, Mab. We can't wait to see you in Washington D.C.

That's all for Agent Highlights! Remember Agents, if you would like to be featured in next month's Agent Highlights article, don't forget to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights.

ATTENTION: Agents, please follow @TheDivisionGame on Twitter so we can get in touch with you for the rewards.

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team


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