July 2, 2018

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The Division Reactivation Caches Available until July 19th!


With the release of Update 1.8.2, we have seen a wave of new players jump in to The Division! With Reactivation Caches waiting for them, newer players are better prepared than ever before to plunge into end-game. Loot from these caches bump players to Gear Score 256 to unlock the highest world tier—World Tier 5. We want even more players to experience The Division's end-game, and we are extending the availability of Reactivation Caches to July 19th!

If you missed the news, Reactivation Caches launched with 1.8.2 with new players in mind. These caches welcome Agents back to The Division by giving players the tools necessary for end-game activities. Players can pick up the following rewards at the Rewards Claim Vendor under the "Resource" Tab in the Base of Operations:

  • Full non-Classified (4-piece) sets of Striker, D3-FNC and FireCrest at 256 gear score
  • Six pieces of High End Gear
  • Five weapon attachments and mods
  • Five weapons (one pistol, one SMG, one AR, one shotgun, and one MMR)
  • Three Cypher Keys, 2000 Phoenix Credits and 500 D-Tech

Choose the best gear set that suits your playstyle, equip your weapon of choice with mods, and jump straight to WT5 to begin end-game progression. Legendary Missions, Heroic Incursions, Dark Zone Landmarks, and more are waiting for you!

Remember these rewards are only available for a limited time. Claim your Reactivation Caches and take back New York City!

/The Division Dev Team



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