June 14, 2018

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The Division 2 is an opportunity to share new stories, narrate new events, and develop bigger and better adventures. A new chapter within the overall narrative of The Division will begin, and we want players to experience everything a sequel has to offer. In order to build on the successes of The Division, players will begin anew. All players in The Division 2 will take their first steps in D.C. as new, fresh Agents!

While your character is new in The Division 2, they are not new to the Strategic Homeland Division. You are already an established Agent within the organization, harnessing the same skillset and abilities as those activated before you. You fight for the continuity of government during cases of catastrophic emergency, and this distress call is unlike any that has come before.

You are headed to Washington, D.C., a city on the brink of collapse. Trained and empowered by presidential order, you are called to prevent the fall of society and the nation tearing itself apart. Your mission: unite the civilians by working hand in hand with D.C.'s survivors before it becomes the center of a new Civil War. Agents will pursue an active role in the rebuilding of D.C., helping residents and eliminating those who threaten the stability of the entire country. Foster relationships, make friendships, and intimidate enemies to enact change. You are the last line of defense, so make it count!

As Agents make advances against enemy factions, players will see their power grow over time to level 30. It is here that the endgame begins.

/The Division Dev Team


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