June 16, 2020

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The Division 2 Raid: Operation Iron Horse


Operation Iron Horse is the second raid coming to The Division 2 and once again pits groups of eight players against a new and exciting challenge. Players will need to collaborate efficiently, plan ahead and adapt to overcome the trials that lie ahead.

Following the initial Black Friday outbreak, a group of civilians gathered to settle in the United Ironworks; a foundry located close to Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, the True Sons raided the foundry sometime later and took control. Here they have hidden themselves away from the public eye and are once more scheming against The Division by expanding their already vast arsenal of weaponry.
However, The Division has learned about their plans and are ready to strike back against this new growing threat.

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Operation Iron Horse demonstrates how determined and ruthless the True Sons are. During this challenge, you will not only have to face the True Sons and the secrets they are hiding; but also the treacherous environment of a foundry. All bosses will come with their own unique mechanics and will challenge players ability to cooperate efficiently and to operate in a highly challenging environment.

Operation Iron Horse will be available on June 30th at 6 PM CEST. To start the raid, players will need to speak with the helicopter pilot at the Base of Operations. This brings up the raid tab on the social menu where it will list the new raid, allowing everyone to start building their raid groups.


As with Operation, Dark Hours, the raid team is composed of a total of eight players in two sub-groups, each containing traditional four player parties. The player who creates the raid group from the social menu is the designated raid leader, and as such, is the only player who can begin the raid.


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With Operation: Iron Horse there will be new and exclusive loot such as the new Exotic weapons Regulus and The Ravenous, the two new Gear Sets Future Initiative and Foundry’s Bulwark as well as new cosmetic items. A new range of commendations will also be available as well as unique new arm patch rewards.

  • The Ravenous exotic is a double barrel rifle that offers both offensive and defensive bonuses to players.
  • The Regulus exotic is a revolver that offers a high base damage and creates explosions on headshot kills that amplify damage and apply bleed to all enemies nearby.
  • The Foundry Bulwark gear set is designed for players wanting to maximize their survivability, allowing both their shield and themselves to absorb and repair the damage they take over time.
  • The Future Initiative gear set is designed for players wanting to support their team with strong repairs, while also increasing the damage output of teammates while they're at full armor.

Following the success of the Race to World First competition for Operation Dark Hours, Operation Iron Horse will feature a new Race to World First. Is your squad ready to take on this challenge? Read more about the competition, the Twitch Drops campaign and the competition rewards here.

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Level 40 Raid:

  • This is available to all level 40 players who has completed the Warlords of New York campaign.
  • There is no recommended SHD Level score but characters with a higher score will benefit from the bonuses of the SHD Levels.

Level 30 Raid:

  • Available the week following the release of the level 40 version.
  • It is recommended you are at least Gear Score 490 or higher, with optimized high-end gear.

__Discovery Mode (level 30 & 40) __

  • This will be made available in a future update.
  • Matchmaking will be available in Discovery mode only.
  • Allows players who might not be equipped to take on the raid to experience Operation Iron Horse or simply want to explore the location and its secrets.

Mixed Group (Level 30 and 40):

  • You will be able to build your group with a mix of level 30 and 40 players.
  • The raid will always scale to the highest level present in the group.
  • If the raid is set to level 40, level 30 players will be scaled up for the duration of the mission (same behaviour as in other co-op activities).
  • Players will always get rewards scaled to their own level.


Operation Iron Horse rewards are on a weekly timer, as was the case with Operation Dark Hours. As a result, boss loot will only drop once a week. You can still participate in the raid after that, but these bosses will not drop additional loot until after the timer has reset the following week.

We are excited to see how you will approach the new Operation: Iron Horse raid and who will be the first to complete its many challenges.
If you are looking for a clan or other agents to tackle the raid with, head on over to our Official Forums or the Official Discord Server where you can recruit and join up with other agents ready to take on the challenge!

Good luck!

/The Division Team


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