November 22, 2019

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Clan Spotlight: Tactical Titans [TCT]

Greetings Agents!

We are delighted to bring you November's edition of the Clan Spotlight, where we have the pleasure of introducing you to the Tactical Titans (TCT) Clan.

These hunters of commendations and great advocates for the deaf community formed in the early days of The Division, and evolved into the Tactical Titans you see today; from a small group of friends to a large community where everybody is welcome.

So, let us get started!

For those that aren't familiar with Tactical Titans (TCT) can you introduce yourself and your clan?

Iwan: Hello my name is Iwan, (26) from Leiden the Netherlands. I am the leader of the (TCT) clan and I am also known as Mr. Commendation, the "Robin Hood" of our clan. I am also a YouTuber and Streamer.

James: Hi my name is James, I'm from Liverpool, UK and I am a Lieutenant and admin of the (TCT) Clan. I'm also known as James-SHD ''Mr. Broccoli'' in the clan, commendation for the ugliest clan agent.

Iwan and I started the clan as far back as the early days of resistance, back then we went by the name of "Resistance Hi-Wave" before we became the "Tactical Titans" Clan.

Our funniest moments are recording videos together for YouTube and helping with raids, when we make mistakes we have a laugh with each other until the morning rises. Happy days – James

Juve: Hello my name is Juve, and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am a Lieutenant and admin of the (TCT) clan. I am also known as JUVEIII ''The Sniper'', commendation for the most accurate headshot kills.

I tried to complete the raid with some of my The Division 1 friends when it was first released. After a week of trying, they all left the game without completing it. Then one day I saw Mr. Commendation live on YouTube and they had not completed the raid either. I joined them and we did our first completion, shortly after that I joined the (TCT) clan.

Mike: Hi my name is Mike from New Brunswick Canada. I am one of the deaf agents in this Clan. I am also known as Mike_canadiens28 ''The Sixth Sense'', commendation for super visionary sight.

I am also the founder of The Division 2's Facebook community for Deaf Agents. We currently have 138 active members, all of them deaf. I met Mr. Commendation when he was assisting some of our agents.

The (TCT) clan focus is on helping other agents, that's something I value a lot, so I joined their clan.

Raid Completion with 6 Deaf Agents

Chrissy: Hello my name is Chrissy and I am from the UK. I am a Lieutenant and admin of the (TCT) clan. I also go by Chrissy casual ''The Casual'', commendation for "always blame Chrissy when mistakes happen".

I knew about Mr. Commendation and had followed him since The Division; but I had not played with him before. I was about to give up on the game when he helped me with a commendation, and we spent the rest of the night playing together.

He asked me if I want to join the (TCT) clan and I am so glad I did. I have met some amazing lads through the clan and have had such a good laugh. – Chrissy

I am also an admin of The Division Elites [TDE] Facebook community where I endeavour to provide the community with information on how the game works. I also assist with build crafting and I recruit new raiders and help them be ready for their first run.

Joker: My name is Joker (42), from Detroit, Michigan US. I am a Lieutenant and moderator of the (TCT) clan. I am also known as Jok3r7744 ''The Joker'', commendation for the most ironical agent in the clan.

I met Iwan and James while doing flawless heroic incursions in The Division 1. I was in his stream and asked for his assistance. He added each other and he helped me out, we have played regularly since.

Dany: Hola my name is Dany, (41) from Stockholm Sweden. I am a Lieutenant of the (TCT) clan. I am known as Donfugazi ''The Healer'' by our clan, commendation for the most loyal Reclaimer.

I met Mr. Commendation and James in the "Resistance Hi-Wave" Clan. I admired him as a player as he was always friendly and kind. He always helped others out and was very active within the community. I had a lot of options to choose from, but when The Division 2 came out, I choose (TCT)!

Now when I think back, these people cared about me when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I am so happy to be a part of this clan and proud to call them my friends. – Dany

Gary: Hello my name is Gary (35), from England. I am a Lieutenant of the TCT clan. I also go by the name of Roldokbio ''The Platinum'', commendation for 100 platinum trophies on PlayStation.

I joined the (TCT) raid group after countless failed attempts, and in that group, I finally completed it! Those early raid completions were an amazing feeling and a real sense of accomplishment. I joined the clan afterwards as I wanted to continue gaming with them.

Overall, it is a great fit all round as we all like to collect and complete everything the game has to offer, and our passion for the Division franchise is still strong!

It is great to play with the (TCT) clan, they are my commendation hunting bros and I cannot imagine tackling the new raid without them. – Gary

Larry: Hey there! My name is Larry (34), from Detroit, Michigan, USA. I am also known as the YouTuber ''LDB Gaming'' , well-known build mastermind of the clan.

I followed Iwan's YouTube channel from the start, one day I noticed that he was helping agents finish the raid, and I asked him for help. Overall, it went very smooth and we ran it in about 40 minutes. As a result, he asked me to join the (TCT) clan, which I did and it has been a great experience ever since!

Can you share the story of how Tactical Titans (TCT) began?

We started back in the Division 1 when we did commendations together. Me (Iwan), James, Warrior, Donfugazi and many friends grew closer over the years whilst we completed them.

I was always known for being Mr. Commendation, since I knew a cheese for every commendation. When I completed all commendations 3 weeks after release of 1.8 in January, I started a YouTube channel and shared my secrets on how I completed the commendations so fast. My target was to help as many agents as possible with commendations and difficult missions. That is how YouTube channel Mr. Commendation was born.

After I got involved with social media, I became an admin of The Division Elites TDE and The Division Academy TDA Facebook communities. Both are excellent groups with a combined total of about 20 thousand members. My followers and some of my best friends are still active in those groups and a large portion of those are in my clan. In addition, we became friends with The Dream Team TDT on Facebook and the POW and DUK clans on PlayStation.

In the end game of The Division 1 1.8 we made a PlayStation Clan called ''Resistance Hi-Wave". Along with great friends, we managed to dominate every leader board top 3 in Resistance on PS4.

A few weeks before Division 2 released, we knew that clans were coming, so we all decided that our clan name was going to be Tactical Titans (TCT). As we are tactical in how we approach PVE content and we are Titans who NEVER GIVE UP. – Iwan

Tactical Titans (TCT) helps a number of deaf players clear the raid and other activities in the game, how do you help these agents and how did you start with that initiative?

My sister in law is completely deaf and my best friend is deaf as well. I respect them for keeping positive in life and have the ability to notice everything in gaming and continue going forward without the ability to hear.

I met the "Ninjabots" Clan and saw that they had helped deaf agents through the raid; they had made a complete written tutorial how to do each boss and provided it to the deaf members. After a few weeks of fails, they finally posted their completion in our community. I was so impressed and inspired that I wanted to do the same and help them.

We completed our first deaf agent run, and I even did it using no mic or sound. I can recommend trying it as you will be more aware of elements in the game, see things that you do not notice otherwise when sound distracts you. We actually performed better.

Sometime later I came into contact with Scott H Ryu. He is a known member of The Division's deaf community. He introduced me to their Facebook page, which at that time was 120 agents strong. I made a post there asking if anybody wanted some help with the raid in the game and so we did. We helped 10 agents of the deaf community with the raid. Four of them even got their Flawless Raid commendation thanks to us.

As a result, we became a very deaf friendly clan and love to have them in our community, we have established a great way of communicating with them and they feel comfortable with us. They are always welcome in the Tactical Titans (TCT) Clan.

Deaf Raid Completion

Commendations is a strong focus with the Tactical Titans (TCT), why is this?

We feel that commendations are what makes the game interesting, such as the rewards you receive for actions within the game. These are sometimes difficult and time-consuming activities that take a lot of hard work and dedication.

Our Clan just love commendations. At least 50% of our clan have nearly 5000 commendation points right now. We are completionists, we love to do commendations together in both games in the franchise. We like all the backpack trophies, vanities, skins and secrets.

For example, every agent is rocking a patch of what they are most proud, such as the ''Flawless'' ''Blood money'' 'the Reaper'' and ''Shepherd'' commendations.

Shepherd Rank 99

What is it that makes your Clan different?

The Tactical Titans clan (TCT) have members from all over the world; British, Arabic, and Americans to name some. We also have a number of deaf agents in our clan and an average of 20 online agents a day. We are also currently ranked number 8 in XP on PlayStation.

Our focus is primarily completing daily, and weekly projects/objectives, commendations and raids.

How do you envision the future of your clan? What are your goals and aspirations?

Our goal is to maintain the strong friendships that we have. We also focus on helping our clan members and others in game such as completing commendations, have a laugh and make new memories together.

Our future in unclear, we don't know what will happen, but we are looking forward to the new raid that will come soon.

My focus in the game right now is helping others with the raid and make my clan as healthy and non-toxic as possible - Iwan

Are there any Clan moments in The Division 2 that you would like to share with the community and us?

James-SHD Sliding

Can you describe what your favourite clan activities are in game?

James: James: I enjoy all activities in the Division 2 but mainly the raid, helping new agents, trying new builds, PVP and speed running. I cannot wait to complete the second raid with them.

Iwan: I enjoy helping each other in both PVE and PVP, with builds and helping agents through the raid. It is wonderful to help agents getting their first raid completion. The satisfaction of helping others gives is so rewarding.

Making new friendships and sharing knowledge, for me, is what it is all about. Without the community, there is no game. Having fun with each other and sharing funny moments, sometimes we wipe away the tears; this is what every agent wants, right? Enjoy the game the way it is, make friends and be respectful.

Mike: I enjoy completing the raid, missions and control points with the clan and my friends.

I love to do all the content but mostly I enjoy speed-running missions for the leader boards. I love to help new agents out that need commendations, just as I did. Always stay friendly, as you never know who is behind the agent - Chrissy

Larry: My favourite activities in game is the PVE gameplay. Anything from level 4 control points, completing the raid, casual farming in the LZ, all of it is enjoyable. Then from time to time, I also jump into conflict as well as the Dark Zone for a change of pace. I really enjoy putting together new/better builds especially in TU6 with all the new diversity.

Dany: My focus on the game is the diversity of the builds you can play with. Even when the game had difficulties, I never stopped playing it. I just like to use different playstyles. I love that we help people from all over the world that are struggling to get teams together; it is the best feeling ever.

Joker: I try to focus on the challenging things in the game. I need a challenge to keep myself interested so I am currently speed running main missions and testing new builds.

I enjoy doing coop with other people and going rogue in the Dark Zone.

Fun Times with Clan

Is there any specific activity you would like to be able to do with your Clan?

Grinding really hard and long commendations and very hard missions (such as heroics, legendaries and missions with special modifiers like Underground 1.0). We are planning special events for the community as well to keep everybody involved. These are coming soon!

If someone wants to join and explore D.C. with you, where can they find you?

Mrcommendation on PSN. Feel free to add me. (Please state what you need in the friend request, so I know why).





Is there anything you would like to share with The Division community?

Thank you for all of the game time, the community helped me through some dark times, and I am grateful for that. I met so many people that I can call my friends. Soon I am doing a tour through England to meet some of my clan members and members of the community. I am excited for that.

I will always be a part of The Division community, as I love to help others. It doesn't matter if you play the game casually, if you're not very good at the game or if you have any disabilities. Everybody is treated equally in our clan.

Clan Name: Tactical Titans

Clan Tag: (TCT)

Platform: PS4

Region: UK, US, KSA

Language: English, Arabic, Dutch, German

Focus: Hardcore PVE, PVP casual

Associated Clans: (NJB) Ninjabots Clan, (POW) Pack of Wolves, (TRI) Team Resistance

Thank you to the founders and members of Tactical Titans (TCT) for taking the time to share their story with us and the community. Check out their Discord if you want to join them and explore D.C. together!

If you would like to share your Clan's story with us and with the community, let us know what your Clan has been up to using the hashtag #DivisionClanSpotlight. You could be featured in our next Clan Spotlight!

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team


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