September 18, 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – September 18


Title Update 11 arrives on September 22. With it comes our newest game mode The Summit, Season 3, new gear, Exotics, the Transmog system, new directives, agnostic mod slots, and much more. Full patch notes will be available on our official forums on September 21.

We’ve heard your feedback on The Summit throughout the PTS and have made some improvements to the mode. These changes and more will be coming alongside the launch of The Summit with TU11:

  • Greater objective variety across the floors of The Summit, including improvements for existing objective types.
  • Additional difficulty-scaling loot containers throughout the building.
  • New potential ‘exotic’ encounters on Legendary floors, like Rogue Agents and all 3 Warhound archetypes.
  • The ability to start from floor 50 in order to skip past the lower-difficulty enemies if you’re hungry for Heroics.
  • More consistent checkpoint saving across sessions.
  • Bug fixes for floor 100, Legendary enemy types, cover not working, and more.

There’s even more in store for The Summit. This is just the beginning, as we’ll continue to improve and adjust the new game mode based on your feedback into TU11.1 and beyond. Be sure to share your thoughts with us once TU11 is live!

Twitch Drops will also be enabled across the entire The Division 2 category to celebrate the launch of the title update. By just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoy your favorite Division streamers, you’ll earn yourself the Milkshake backpack trophy.


The Division 2 will be entirely free to play for the weekend of September 24 to September 27. You’ll be able to play as much of the base game as you want, which includes levels 1-30, World Tiers 1-5, both Raids, Episodic content, and more.

Any progress you make during the free weekend is carried over, should you decide to purchase the full game. To all you new agents, welcome to The Division!

The Division and The Division 2 will be available on next gen consoles. The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible for both games. The games will be consistent between their current and next gen versions and you’ll be able to play both games on the new consoles without needing to purchase new copies. Next generation consoles will still be able to play with agents on the current console generation.

Bardon Schaeffer Poster 960x540


Season 2 ends on September 21 and Season 3 begins the next day alongside the launch of Title Update 11. With Season 3 comes new gear, new events, a new manhunt, and thus a new Prime Target:

Bardon Schaeffer.

One of the last leaders of the elite Black Tusk units, Bardon is among the Division’s most wanted after continuously working to destabilize the SHD directly and indirectly. Schaeffer has both a military history and extensive experience with dark ops that predate his recruitment by the Black Tusk. He is extremely dangerous and a capable foe.

Hunting down Schaeffer will earn you the Shrapnel Trap skill variant, a powerful area denial and close-quarters tool of destruction.

The full Season 3 schedule will be available on September 21. Keep an eye out for the newest Global Event; SHD Exposed, and the Season 3 Apparel Event; Last Resort. Going into Season 3, you’ll also notice some improvements to the different Global Events. We’ve dialed back the negative traits of the modifiers to make your agents feel even more powerful as you enjoy the event!

[TCTD2] S3 Screenshot ShrapnelTrap 960x540


Discovery Mode for Operation Iron Horse is coming with Title Update 11. With it, you’ll be able to try a tuned down version of the raid with open matchmaking before jumping into the normal version.

Raid-exclusive loot like The Ravenous and Regulus Exotics will not drop while in Discovery Mode.

Level 30 and Level 40 players will all have access to Discovery Mode for their respective level of raid. The foundry awaits, agents.

You can also join our Discord to quickly group up, communicate with other players, and find the perfect squad. Happy raiding!

TCTD2 Raids02 ActionShot NoLogo

That’s it for this week!

Until next time,

/ The Division 2 Development Team


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