March 26, 2019

Event leaderboard clean – April 24th

Greetings everyone,

With the regular addition and iteration of content to The Crew® 2 since launch, Motornation and the experience it offers have levelled up considerably in the past 9 months. There are new and different ways to compete for the top spot in the rankings, with new vehicles to help you along the way and new disciplines and podiums to conquer.

When you combine these with tweaks to physics and handling, AI balancing, and exploit fixes (to name but a few), it becomes clear as a result that Event leaderboards are no longer as representative of Motornation’s competitive scene as they should.

The highly engaged players of The Pit Crew have been keeping us abreast of how these changes affect Event rankings, and we completely agree with them about the necessity of a leaderboard clean to restore a healthy and up-to-date competitive ecosystem.

We already perform regular small-scale leaderboard cleans every week, but it’s apparent that after so many modifications and additions, it’s time to shift up a gear.

As such, we have decided to use the launch of The Crew 2 Hot Shots on April 24th to perform a complete wipe of all the game’s Event leaderboards.

Please note that this will not extend to Fame or PvP rankings, or Skill leaderboards.

Once the Hot Shots maintenance on April 24th is complete, players will notice that standings in the leaderboards for all Events, across all disciplines, have been reset. This will not alter players’ existing progression or Fame/Bucks/vehicles already earned, in any way.

The Event leaderboards will then re-populate as usual with fresh, accurate scores and times.

We will also be running a special #TC2Weekly Challenge to mark the occasion. More details to come closer to the time.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you all for your understanding regarding this clean. Special thanks go to Pit Crew members past and present who put a lot of time and dedication into feedback on leaderboards, and the impact of past tweaks and updates.

See you at the starting line!

The Crew® 2 Team

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