June 11, 2018

Open Beta coming June 21st, Preload Now!

One week after the end of the Closed Beta and one year following our official reveal at E3, we had the opportunity to come back on stage to celebrate the upcoming release of The Crew 2 with all you motorsport enthusiasts!

This time, our Brand Director Delphine Dosset had the great pleasure of unveiling the latest The Crew 2 trailer, as well yet another surprise for all those who have been supporting us and are eagerly waiting to take the wheel:

> The Crew 2 – Open Beta will be available from June 21st to June 25th on Uplay PC, Steam, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One, preload now!

On behalf of the whole development team, we would like to thank all participants for their passion and great feedback during our previous test phases!

1. Key information

  • Access: accessible to all players!

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Uplay & Steam

  • Times:

    • Start: Thursday, June 21st from *1am PST
    • End: Monday, June 25th at 1am PST
  • Preload: right now, from June 11th

  • Official livestream: June 20th from 4pm UTC / 6pm CEST / 12pm EDT https://www.twitch.tv/thecrewgame

2. Participants & friend invites

The Crew 2 - Open Beta is accessible for free to all players on Xbox-One, PS4 and PC (in eligible countries). Please note that a Ubisoft account is required to be able to play the game.

You don’t need any keys to join the Open Beta, simply go to your platform store, download and play!

  • Xbox One: Go to the Games menu and search for The Crew 2 Open Beta.
  • PS4: Go to the Playstation Store and search for The Crew 2 Open Beta.
  • Uplay PC: Start Uplay PC launcher, The Crew 2 Open Beta will be available in your Free Games list.
  • Steam: Launch Steam, search for the The Crew 2 Open Beta product page and click on “Play now” to download the Open Beta to your library.

3. Livestream rendezvous

This time again, we will have the great pleasure of hosting a dedicated Beta stream, live from Ubisoft Ivory Tower. Tune-in on June 20th from 4pm UTC / 6pm CEST / 12pm EDT on https://www.twitch.tv/thecrewgame to participate to this event with the devteam!

4. Content overview

a) 8 disciplines to master

Whether you already played the Closed Beta or not, don’t worry, we got you covered and kept some surprises for all players!

During this Open Beta, you will have total freedom in terms of activities with the unlock of new fame level cap: “Popular”. Be prepared to discover the first few hours of the game with 8 unique disciplines:

  • Street Race
  • Powerboat
  • Rally Raid
  • Aerobatics

And newly available for Open Beta:

  • Touring Car
  • Drift
  • Motocross
  • Jetsprint


b) The entire US to explore

This time again, you will be able to go wherever you want, the full feedrive experience is available in this Open Beta! With no loading times or barriers, get ready to explore the whole USA with your friends.

Don’t forget to use the Fast-Fav feature: switch between land, air and water vehicles in an instant to create amazing moments on all your favourite landmarks!

c) Line-up & vehicle customization

Motorsports are not only about challenge but also about passion and vehicles. Whether you are a bike, supercar, boat, plane or any other vehicle enthusiast, we’ve got you covered in this Open Beta with the availability of the full The Crew 2 line-up to unlock and free drive!

Take your pick, Petrolheads!

d) Sharing features

We have been blazed away by the quality of the screenshots we received during the Closed Beta, below only is a small pick from the devteam (out of a massive folder we are now building thanks to you all!):


There are no restrictions for this Open Beta, you can create and share everything you want and unleash your creativity! All the picture & video editing tools are available, we can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

e) Exclusive Open Beta reward

All participants in the The Crew 2 – Open Beta will be entitled to a special reward for the final game. Unlock an exclusive Gold Helmet to customize your character with Ubisoft Club, directly available in your game inventory from June 29th!

Learn more on https://club.ubisoft.com/

5. PC Requirements

Check out our dedicated PC version article to know more about official recommended specs to play this Beta in the best conditions!

Get ready petrolheads, the Open Beta and the official of The Crew 2 are just ahead! Preload right now and make your engine roar!

See you on the road!