November 24, 2020

The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 1: The Chase

Our next free update - The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 1: The Chase - will be available to all The Crew® 2 players on November 25, including on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5.

It includes a brand-new game mode, vehicles, and Motorpass progression system available right from launch, as well as fresh live content rolled out to the game on a regular basis thereafter – further vehicle drops, LIVE Summits, vanity items, and more!


You’ll find the full details below, or you can click here for the Patch 1.8.0 Notes


As announced at Ubisoft Forward, every Motorflix Season will bring a new theme and gameplay experience. For Season 1, the setting is a fictional series where a mysterious outlaw group foolishly decides to steal from private bank Vault Corp.

In Episode 1: The Chase, the outlaws must be stopped by Vault Corp’s elite Interception Unit before they escape the city – with players in the starring role of lead Interception driver!


The action takes place across 8 PvE events, split between the Street Race and Hypercar disciplines. Five events will be available at launch, followed by one new event every two weeks.

You can access the events via a dedicated tab in the Activities menu, or directly in the Street Race and Hypercar categories.


The Seasonal theme doesn’t stop at events! Interception drivers need Interception Unit cars, and we happen to have a few packed into our customary line-up of brand-new Shop additions.

Available right off the bat on November 25, the Lamborghini Veneno Coupé Interception Unit (2020) is Vault Corp’s answer to the Hypercar discipline.


The Street Race discipline is also fielding a new contender, with the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Interception Unit (2018) joining the fray.

Variety is the spice of life, though, so we naturally also have additions that don’t follow the seasonal theme: welcome the powerful Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray (2020) and stunning BMW M8 Competition Coupe (2020) to the Street Race discipline!



For the first time in The Crew® 2, we have a real-life new addition to the Demolition Derby discipline: the Dodge Charger R/T Hemi (1969)!


All of the above vehicles will be available for purchase in Bucks or Crew Credits, on November 25. Keep your eyes peeled over the following weeks and months for even more vehicle drops, including our sixth Elite Bundle!

And for those of you with the customizing bug, good news! We’re also adding a brand-new vanity type – Rooftops – that you’ll find in the Far & Beyond store.



On November 18, we announced the Motorpass system that we’ll be adding to The Crew 2 alongside Episode 1: The Chase.


As a reminder, the Motorpass is an optional multi-tiered reward system, that players can progress through by completing Daily and Seasonal Challenges. There are 50 tiers in total, which offer both Free and Premium Rewards, and we’ll be running a new Motorpass for every Episode.


You can find the full article and details here.


The competitors among you will be thrilled to hear that our latest batch of LIVE Summits is raring to go. We have a variety of themes lined up, from Vault Security to seasonal holidays, via more classic brand-focused Summits. It all kicks off on November 25 with The Chase.


And of course, our Premium LIVE Summits make their return with a new selection of exclusive vehicles up for grabs – starting with the Ford GT Interception Unit (2017)! This fantastic Hypercar will be the platinum reward for the Vault Interception Unit Academy LIVE Summit, starting December 2.


Be sure to check The Crew® Hub regularly to track your progress.

As ever, November 25 is just the beginning! Content drops and themed weeks will continue to offer regular, fresh new experiences for the duration of the Season, starting with Episode 1: The Chase and continuing with Episode 2: The Hunt in January 2021.

Keep an eye on our weekly articles and official channels for the latest news and announcements. We’ll see you on the road!

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