July 24, 2018

July Vehicle Drop

Greetings gearheads,

The Crew 2 is a month in, and it’s finally time to reveal our July vehicle drop!

As a reminder, Season Pass holders get seven days early access to monthly vehicle drops, and the two brand new vehicles are unlocked for free in their garage. They are then made available to purchase for all players a week later.

Get behind the wheel of one of the most exclusive and exquisite cars ever built. With its radical design and groundbreaking performances, this track-prepped, limited-edition supercar is not only incredibly powerful, but also more aerodynamic, lighter and quicker than most. Its unparalleled performances will take you first to the finish line!

Discipline: Touring Car

Season Pass Early Access: July 25th

Available for all players: August 1st



This unique super sports car belongs to all those who are pioneers at heart: the first four-wheeled model in KTM’s history is also the world’s first production car with a full carbon composite monocoque. Described as the Austrian manufacturer’s interpretation of a super sports car for the 21st century, the X-Bow R combines incredible handling and great performances… With an inimitable style.

Discipline: Street Race

Season Pass Early Access: July 25th

Available for all players: August 1st



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