September 25, 2018

September Vehicle Drop

Greetings gearheads,

Gator Rush is almost upon us, and along with it comes our September Vehicle Drop!

As a reminder, Season Pass holders get seven days early access to monthly vehicle drops, and the two brand new vehicles are unlocked for free in their garage. They are then made available to purchase for all players a week later.

No terrain is too tough for the Ariel Nomad 2015. With its uncommon stripped-down design, this ride is master of the wildest environments, from gravel tracks to swampy paths, unpredictable dunes and darkest undergrowth. Take the wheel and you’re in for a real adventure, one that doesn’t need any roads.

Discipline: Rally Raid

Season Pass Early Access: September 26

Available for all players: October 3



Take command of this indestructible hovercraft and you will never need any protection! Thanks to its buggy-style design and elevated seat position, you’ll be able to forge your path through the most treacherous environments with maximum visibility and control over every bump on the road to victory.

Discipline: Hovercraft

Season Pass Early Access: September 26

Available for all players: October 3



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