November 14, 2022

The Crew 2 Season 7 Episode 1: Into The Storm

Our next update, The Crew 2 Season 7 Episode 1: Into The Storm will be available for free to all The Crew 2 players on November 16th! 

This season will be one of the most epic yet! Motorflix has gone all out in making a thrilling adventure in a brand-new series filled with harsh elements and extraordinary events. Do whatever it takes to finish first!  

Along with 2 new Episodes, there will be various improvements added both at the start of Season 7 and throughout the Season. For more details on what is to come, check out our dedicated Quality of Life improvements article!

[TC2] News Article - S7E1 Content Overview - S7E1 Content Recap Infographic

Full breakdown below.


Prepare yourself to face the oncoming storm. In this brand-new series, you will partake in a set of underground races across the US against your opponents. However, they will not be the only aspect to contend with; you will also be racing against an oncoming sandstorm while avoiding dangerous obstacles and terrain. High winds, debris, and collapsing structures are just a few things you will need to watch out for while racing at high speeds.

There will be 5 events in total that will be available on November 16th. While all races will be available, they must be completed in a specific order to advance to the next stage and obtain the exclusive reward at the end. Keep your wits about you and prepare to do whatever is necessary to win!


To ride out the storm you will need some new wheels. Naturally, we’ve got you covered!

To start, these new vehicles will also be making their debut in the in-game store: the Pontiac Firebird T/A 1977 (Street Race), and the Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R (Street Race).

[TC2] News Article - S7E1 Content Overview - Pontiac Firebird 1977


[TC2] News Article - S7E1 Content Overview - Mitsubishi FTO GP


All of the above vehicles will be available for purchase in bucks or Crew Credits starting on November 16th. A new form of vanity will also be added this Episode: Contrasting rims. These vanity items will feature 2 different sets of wheel rims, allowing for bold new looks!

Finally, 2 new Starter Packs are being added to the The Crew 2: the Mazda RX-8 Pearl Edition and the Porsche Cayman GT4 Carbon Edition. These packs will be available in Ubisoft Connect as well as the Xbox and Playstation stores, and include an in-house customized version of these previously released vehicles along with an additional 45 000 Crew Credits. Whether you’re just starting your racing adventure in The Crew 2 or are looking for a boost to your collection and credits, these budget friendly packs are the perfect choice.


New Episodes often mean new vehicles, however that is not all that will be added to the vehicle roster this time around.

A selection of vehicles from Season 1 will now be made available in the store for bucks or Crew Credits! This will allow newer players and those who may have missed the chance to buy these vehicles to complete their vehicle collection. The cars making a comeback over the course of this Episode include the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Interception Unit (Street Race), Bugatti Chiron Interception Unit (Hypercar), Creators K.S. Masked Leader (Hypercar), and Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray Interception Unit (Street Race).

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As new content is added to The Crew 2, we will continue to bring back vehicles from previous Seasons in chronological order. Make sure to check your collection to see what you may have missed!


The Motorpass returns this Season, but this time with a twist! Beginning this Season, the Motorpass will now be available for either 80k Crew Credits or 3 million bucks. Don’t miss out on the chance to collect over 40 new vanities, as well as 4 new cars!

[TC2] News Article - S7E1 Content Overview - S7E1 Motorpass Infographic


[TC2] News Article - S7E1 Content Overview  - Summit

The regular weekly LIVE Summits will be continuing through Season 7 with a slew of rewards. For those with a more competitive edge, be sure to keep an eye out for the 4 Premium LIVE Summits! These Premium LIVE Summits will feature 2 new and 2 returning Platinum reward vehicles, giving players a second chance at earning these cars. Rev up those engines and compete to earn these cars, beginning on November 30th with a new entry to the Demolition Derby category, the Fender Charcoal!

[TC2] News Article - S7E1 Content Overview - Fender Charcoal

There is still some time to practice before racing for the top prize. The next LIVE Summit, Pontiac Addict, will be starting on November 16th. Check out our dedicated article here for more info: 

Be sure to check The Crew Hub regularly to track your progress. 

What was covered in this article is only a taste of what is to come in Season 7. New rewards and events will be released over the course of the next 2 episodes, so be sure to keep an eye out! Until next time, Gearheads!

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