Gangsters of The Seas Podcast

In Gangsters of The Seas, a podcast presented by Michelle Rodriguez, discover the history of some of the greatest pirates of the Indian Ocean. Cruel and bloodthirsty privateers, buccaneers and sailors turned criminals, they terrorized and pillaged the seas. You’ll soon hear that you’re not born a pirate. You become one!

Episode 1 : Thomas Tew, The Pioneer of the East

It was February 1692, off the coast of Bermuda, and the Amity, a small privateer sloop, had been battered by a storm. Captain Thomas Tew stood on deck, surveying the damage and his dazed crew. But rather than giving up, he revealed a daring plan: to abandon their official mission and become full-fledged pirates, seeking treasure beyond the Cape of Good Hope and Madagascar. With cutlass raised high, Tew raised his Jolly Roger, his crew roared, "A gold chain or a wooden leg, we'll stand with you!" And thus began Tew's legend.

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Episode 2 : Henry Every, The King of The Pirates

It was May 1694, and aboard the Charles II, Henry Every and his fellow sailors were getting restless. They had been waiting in the Spanish harbor of Corunna for weeks. Enough was enough. Every had quietly gathered a group of like-minded seamen and they took control of the ship to set sail for fortune and adventure on the high seas. Every was elected as their new captain. Thus, at 40 years old, he decided to write his own legend and became a pirate, embracing the life of freedom and riches that awaited him.

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Episode 3 : The Buzzard, Serial Looter

It was March 1716 off the coast of the Bahamas when pirate captain Olivier Levasseur, known as the Buzzard, sailed his ship the Postillon into Nassau, the biggest island in the region. There, he discovered a haven for pirates, a paradise for outlaws run by Captain Hornigold, and met other ambitious captains keen on sailing the seas as outlaws. Together, they formed a brotherhood, the Flying Gang, and they went on to pillage and plunder the Caribbean. The Buzzard soon forged a name and reputation for himself. A pirate legend was born.

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Episode 4 : William Kidd, The Reluctant Pirate

It was October 1697, and Captain William Kidd was aboard his ship, Adventure Galley, sailing the Arabian Sea. His crew of 160 men was eager for loot, but Kidd had yet to capture anything significant. As tensions rose, one of the gunners, William Moore, threatened mutiny when Kidd refused to attack a Dutch vessel. In response, Kidd fatally struck Moore with a barrel. His fate was sealed, once a privateer commissioned by the King of England, Kidd had now become a murderer and a wanted pirate, facing the hangman's noose if caught.

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Episode 5 : Kanhoji Angre, The Pirate Admiral

It was December 1707, and Kanhoji Angre stood atop the rampart walk at the sea fort he governed, gazing out at the Arabian Sea. He had just been appointed head of the Navy by the king of the Maratha Empire, granting him full control over the fleet and all the forts and infrastructure along the empire’s coastline. With a strike force feared by Europe's powers, Kanhoji was determined to become one of the most powerful kingpins to ever roam the Indian Ocean.

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