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Exploring our graphical feature set


Skull and Bones has plenty of beautiful vistas and gulfs with high tides for you to discover. Provided you have the necessary hardware, you can experience it at 4K, with full High Dynamic Range support.

Uncapped FPS

For the pirates with great reflexes and equally fast displays, we’ve made sure you can enjoy Skull and Bones at framerates beyond 60FPS. Of course, the limit will be dictated by your hardware, but if 144FPS piracy is something you’ve always wanted, now’s your chance.


Captain, the sun is shining upon thee!

And, of course, thanks to Nvidia’s RTX Raytracing technology, you’ll be able to see that light reflected from surface to surface. In order to enable Ray-Traced Global Illumination, you will need compatible hardware.


If you’re short a few frames, or just want more performance, remember: there is support for Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR 1.0. These methods will boost performance by lowering in-game resolution, then upscaling it to keep things sharp while you play. Don’t be shy, give them a try!

Widescreen Support

Picture this: You, a fierce pirate lord, venturing into unknown territory in search of loot. A merchant ship is sailing west, while an enemy ship approaches from the east. And you experience this view regardless of your monitor’s aspect ratio. Skull and Bones supports various displays, including 21:9 and beyond. Choose what suits you best and drop the sails!