May 20 2022

Dev Blog: Roller Champions Community Tournament License

Roller Champions was created with you, the community, in mind. With all of the energy in our competitive culture, there have been many questions around the guidelines for community run tournaments. We hope to provide as much clarity as possible on that in the following article.

We are excited to see what kind of amazing events you organize with our game but do ask that you follow the rules below when running your community made tournaments.


The first thing you need to assess is whether you meet the conditions to run a community tournament, as the Community Tournament License is only valid if you are following the proper rules, listed here:

  • Non-Profit Only: Your tournament needs to be non-profit meaning that any payment you receive to organize the tournament (including crowdfunding and sponsoring) shall only serve to cover the total organization costs of the competition, including the total amount of the offered prizes and rewards.
  • No Television broadcasting: Only free, online streaming is possible.
  • No Viewing Fee online: You may not charge online spectators a fee to watch your tournament.


While promoting your tournament feel free to do any of the following:

  • Use game assets - This can be the Roller Champions logos, Game footages and/or images “AS IS”* to promote the tournament for its duration.
  • Use the game itself to stream, live broadcasts and made VODs of the tournament.
  • Archive VODs of the tournament as long as it is not causing damage to Ubisoft’s goodwill or reputation.

This part is very important:

*You cannot adapt and/or modify and/or alter the assets without asking Ubisoft’s prior written permission. You shall not use in the name of the Tournament, the words “Championship”, “League”, “Major”, “Division” and/or “Circuit” associated with the name of the Game, you also can’t use ‘’Roller League’’ or any other word or combination which may imply that your tournament is part of an official Ubisoft esports competition.

If you want to use any of Ubisoft's official assets in conjunction while promoting advertising, or even during your tournament, be sure you check out the "User Generated Content" section in our "Terms of Use" as well as Ubisoft Video Policy in order to be completely sure you're following guidelines.


In exchange of Ubisoft granting you the right to operate your tournament and obtain sponsors for it, you agree to let us use - for free and for the maximum duration of copyright - extracts of your tournament broadcast for the purposes of communication and promotion of Ubisoft’s activities both internally and externally.


You may have sponsors, crowdfunding and partnership deals to promote or finance the tournament provided the deals respect the non-profit limitation, however, not from any companies or organizations that sell, distribute or promote the following products and/or services (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Alcohol.
  • Any medicinal substance that requires prescription or is not freely sold in a pharmacy.
  • Cryptocurrencies, financial instruments or market activities unauthorized and/or non-compliant with applicable law or regulations.
  • Firearms.
  • Gambling or betting websites;
  • Pornography and other related mature materials and paraphernalia.
  • Tobacco, cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, related paraphernalia.


Sportsmanship is a huge part of the culture of Roller Champions! In that spirit, if you accept this licensing, you also accept that:

  • Your promotional activities are not deceptive, unfair, misleading or unethical in any way.
  • You will sanction any unlawful, harmful, harassing or abusive behaviors.
  • You will ensure that your chat will be adequately moderated at all times to prevent abusive, profane and vulgar content or any other behavior that foster in any way an unwelcoming environment for your community.
  • You will always comply with applicable national and international laws, whether they apply to you as an organizer or to activities related to your tournament.
  • You will ensure that the participants are informed about the rules of the tournaments and abide by them.
  • You have the authority to enter into the License and are of the age of eighteen or older.


You must ensure that the Prize Pool is awarded and paid to eligible winners in a timely manner after the end of the Tournament, in no event later than 30 days after the end of your tournament.


There are a lot of additional details contained within the License itself. Note that your license will remain active throughout your whole tournament, assuming that you don’t invalidate the tournament by breaking any of the listed rules.

There may be the occasional update to the license so keep an eye on it and make sure that you thoroughly look everything over in order to ensure that your tournament is compliant, smooth running and fun for everyone!

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