December 12 2022

Roller Champions – Neo Retro Overview & Patch Notes

The 90's called, and we answered! 

Neo Retro is online, bringing the 8-bit brilliance of the past to the roller rinks of the future. That means new maps, new quality cosmetics, new game modes, and- What? Roller Champions is evolving! Another new platform is approaching?!

That's right! Steam is rolling into the arena as our newest supported platform for Roller Champions.

Just in time too, as we're rolling with Challenger Mode to bring you a series of weekly tournaments - every Saturday of Neo Retro in both North America and Europe. Find full details on everything below!


Neo Retro turns back the clock with three new crisp, colorful, and polygon-filled maps to roll around at the speed of sound. Enjoy the green, emerald hills of Arcadia; calculate your every move in the high-definition Pixel City; then become part of the machine (always playing clean) on Pinball Stadium!

This is also the first time we'll be fully rotating the map selection. So, the original three, ol' faithful Acapulco, Mexico Arena, and Mayan Stadium will be going on hiatus. For now...


Neo Retro of course comes with a new Roller Pass, topped off with fly, high-definition bling, worthy of at least a few up-til-dawn game nights. It comes with 60 tiers and, as always, gives enough Wheels on the premium track to cover the cost. Grab your snacks, soda, skates, and start rolling!


A new challenger is approaching... it's you! And you again!

Before jumping into the rotation of classic game mode and minigames, we're starting Neo Retro with the launch of Clone Clash, an all-new way to jump into the non-stop momentum of Roller Champions.

Step up with your squad of AI teammates - your clones - and battle it out against another solo opponent in a 1v1 matchup. When your AI teammate has the ball, you'll assume direct control and swap your perspective to that clone. Now there's a whole new meaning to the term "self-pass!"

Cycle control between your entire team of clones to outmaneuver and outplay your opponent.

Full game mode details are in our Event Guide, but solo queue will never be the same when the clones attack!

Clone Clash is currently in beta phase, but we have big plans for where to take it, so jump in and give us your feedback!


We're partnering with Challenger Mode to bring you a series of weekly tournaments. Single elimination, every Saturday starting January 7. Winners lay claim to the prize and even participating gets you on the leaderboards. At the end of the season, the top team with the most points get an additional prize, in addition to the ultimate Neo Retro bragging rights.

Register your team at and start training to crush the competition! Remember, if you win the game, you win for real.

Also keep an eye out for Holiday tournaments on December 23, and January 1 before the Series kicks off!

Join the retro fun on TikTok or through our official Discord, where we also share updates, run contests, and talk shop with you - the community!

You can also follow us on Twitter to keep an eye out for updates on the game!

Neo Retro begins on December 13, 2022. So, plug yourself in to the system, It's time to game up to glory!




  • Added a new Event Game Mode to the weekly rotation: Clone Clash:
    • Clone Clash will be available for the first two weeks of Neo Retro.
    • Queue up into a 1v1 game, with 2 clones and 1 player on each team.
    • Swap your direct control of each roller as needed while playing, possession of the ball will automatically shift your control of that roller.
    • Non-controlled clones will be operated by AI.
    • Score 5 points or have the highest score in 7 minutes to win!


  • Added game to the Steam registry, Roller Champions can now be searched, installed, and played through Steam!
  • Steam players will need to connect to the game via Ubisoft Connect and will need a Ubisoft Connect account.
  • Downloadable content should be bought through the same platform used to launch the game to avoid issues.
  • Steam players are added to the cross-play matchmaking pool!


  • Removed Acapulco, Mexico Arena, and Mayan Stadium from map rotation.
    • (Acapulco's 2v2 variant will still be available in that mode!)
  • Added Pixel City, Arcadia, and Pinball Stadium to map rotation.



  • Fixed how players catching a Magnetic Pass could 'teleport' the ball through an open goal and not score.

This is one of several upcoming improvements to how the ball can sometimes be incorrectly caught (or not caught) in different situations. Expect others to make their way into Neo Retro's mid-season patch!


  • Adjusted the vertical trajectory of the ball after a successful Uppercut to better allow the tackler to recover possession.

We don't necessarily want an automatic repossession on a successful tackle, to keep those nail-biting denials, but we'll be looking at ways to improve defenders dependably being able to grab the ball after doing all the work of landing a tackle.

  • Removed the stagger effect when an Air Tackle collides with the ground.
  • Adjusted the Uppercut hitbox to better align with the player on vertical surfaces.

*More changes are planned for further 'buffs' to defenders in terms of Air Dodge and Dodge Dive hitbox sizes and are in production for a future update.



  • Added sponsor contract support for Clone Clash.
  • Fixed an issue cause Lootball Madness to end in a draw with no reward given.
  • Fixed an issue causing improper spawns during matches. 
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to not receive a penalty after leaving a Ranked match.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to fail to launch on Switch.
  • Fixed an issue where players would slowly slide down a slope even while braking.
  • Fixed an issue where the ball can get stuck in place.
  • Fixed an issue with voice chat not enabling properly in some cases.
  • Multiple improvements to sponsor contract progress tracking.


  • [Switch] Fixed an issue with infinite matchmaking after disconnecting controller.
  • Fixed an issue preventing queueing when in a group.
  • Fixed an issue where players would fail to matchmake when entering a match or Skatepark.
  • Fixed multiple matchmaking infinite loading issues.


  • Adjusted AI behavior during goaltending.
  • Adjusted the default AI to be Standard when in Custom Matches.
  • Fixed behavior where AI could get stuck in different animations.  
  • Fixed behavior where AI would brake before attempting to tackle.
  • Fixed behavior where AI would stop moving after getting the ball.


  • Camera better follows player during emotes that would move out of frame when previewing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the opening of Lootballs.
  • Multiple fixes to item FX not appearing properly.
  • Multiple fixes to item thumbnails not appearing in store or customization menus. 
  • Multiple fixes to lighting and visual effects of items in-store.
  • Multiple fixes to items clipping through the character.


  • Fixed an issue preventing access to the Wheels shop.
  • Multiple fixes to lighting and visual effects of items in-store.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Premium Roller Pass Tiers from being unlocked after purchase.
  • Fixed some Daily Shop items missing their Wheels cost.
  • Fixed an issue with several Wheels Bundles being shown as $0.00.
  • [Switch] Fixed an error that can occur when buying Wheels Bundles.


  • [Switch] Fixed an issue with not displaying a controller disconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue causing player name to not appear during a match.
  • Fixed an issue where game host is unable to select an option after opening invitation menu.
  • Fixed multiple cases of Stay as a Group not working.
  • Improved how player info is displayed in Clone Clash.
  • Removed the season countdown timer from the Roller Pass.

Season release timings can sometimes shift by a matter of days or weeks, resulting in a countdown that can be misleading or even detrimental to development timelines. While the countdown is removed, we can still share that the next season is intended for late March/early April.

  • Multiple backend improvements to game stability and crash reduction:
    • On game login.
    • During event game modes.
    • In the item shop.
    • When using controller on PC.
    • In the Skatepark.
    • During loading.
    • During menu navigation.
    • During post-game.
    • During specific Goal FX.
  • Multiple localization, language, and subtitle fixes.

- The Roller Champions Dev Team

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