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Interactive music learning

What is Rocksmith+?

Learn by playing along to your favorite songs featuring real time feedback, customizable pace, and a vast, ever-expanding song library of official recordings all designed to help you express your creativity.

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Key features

Learn using your favorite songs

Choose from a vast, ever-expanding library of official recordings from the original artists across all genres including classic rock, pop, country, hip hop, and more!

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Real-time feedback

Rocksmith+ continuously tracks and analyzes your performance , while providing instant recommendations to help you learn efficiently and improve your skills.

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Practice tools you control

Rocksmith+’s proven learning method has helped almost 5 million people learn how to play guitar* with a powerful suite of tools to control your learning. Tools like Riff Repeater, allow you to playback and control pace for challenging song sections.

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Add your own song arrangements

Get Started Today

Rocksmith+ introduces Rocksmith Workshop, a new user-generated content system that allows guitar players to add arrangements from a list of pre-licensed songs to the library.

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Learn to play guitar on your phone or tablet

Mobile app coming to iOS and Google Play

Preregister now on Google Play to get notified first when our Rocksmith+ mobile app experience is live. Our iOS app is coming soon, too.

News & Videos

  • Three Things You Didn't Know About "Jessie's Girl"

    Rick Springfield's biggest smash wouldn't exist without a shattered heart and…stained glass?

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  • Rocksmith+ Dev Diary – September, 2021

    In this month's Rocksmith+ Dev Diary, Lead Producer Arthur Von Nagel delivers an update to the community.

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  • The Battle for Heart's Little Queen

    Industry politics and legal battles couldn't stop Heart from releasing their legendary album

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  • The Controversial Recording of Alison Moyet's Essex

    Imagine creating and loving your fourth solo album. Now imagine your record label making you do it all over again.

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  • In Theory: "Hitch a Ride" by Boston

    Tom Scholz, Dorian explorer! Learn how creative chord selection and playing "beyond the box" gives this Boston song both soul and surprise.

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  • Three Things You Didn't Know About Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"

    This psychedelic rock anthem has ties to Lewis Carroll, sure – but it also draws on jazz legend and a classical master for inspiration.

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  • Bloodbath's Fathomless Mastery of Blast Beats

    Chaotic and explosive, the Swedish death metal supergroup know how to crank the energy level of a song with this drum technique.

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  • The Enduring Joy of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl"

    Despite a lousy record contract and censorship from radio stations, the calypso-inspired song that launched Van's career remains a classic.

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  • A Tribe Called Quest's Marriage of Jazz and Hip-Hop

    The hip-hop trailblazers reshaped the genre with The Low End Theory -- and a guest appearance by a jazz bass legend.

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  • What’s That Sound: Fuzz

    The legendary circuit that started it all makes a glorious mess of your guitar's signal – but it's also capable of a lot more than digging in the dirt.

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  • Rocksmith+ Dev Diary – July, 2021

    Find our what we learned from the Rocksmith+ Closed Beta!

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  • Three Extreme Metal Guitar Techniques You Need to Know

    Unleash your inner demon with these need-to-know guitar techniques for speed, thrash, and death metal.

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