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June 12, 2021

Introducing Rocksmith Discover

Music is the one form of human communication that can be enjoyed and shared by every person on the planet. That also means there's a lot out there that most people simply haven't had the opportunity to experience. 

This is where Rocksmith Discover comes in. Through an ongoing series of videos and text articles created expressly for Rocksmith+, we want to help you find music that you never knew could inspire you -- and offer deeper insight about the music you already know and love. Maybe you're coming to RS+ with 20 years of musical experience; maybe you've just picked up a bass for the first time. Either's fine -- our goal is to help connect you with the music that makes you want to play. We also want to connect the interactive experiences offered by Rocksmith+ to the larger world of music that you already know -- and help you discover the parts you haven't seen yet.

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Meet Rocksmith Discover's video director and host, Natasha Adorlee

The Rocksmith Discover team includes award-winning filmmakers, music historians, professional educators, working performers, and music journalists with decades of experience. We'll be posting content on that covers a variety of topics, from history and music appreciation to gear to theory and technique. We'll feature different genres, countries, and artists from all over the globe. We're starting with a handful of posts so you can get to know our content, but watch for new articles and videos daily on weekdays!

In a world filled with every kind of music, you can become whatever kind of musician you choose. It's your journey. But we hope you'll let Rocksmith Discover come along for the ride.

Rocksmith+ can help you learn about gear, technique, history, and much more. Join us for the next step on your musical journey.

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