April 17, 2023

Curation Chronicles: Staff Picks

Back in my university days I used to catalog historical records and cylinders, ranging from music of the middle east to orchestral works of ages past. I think there's something inherently satisfying about finding a record that speaks to you, more so than pushing a button and being instantly gratified with music. It plays upon that feeling of nostalgia you would get walking into a record store, heading to the back, and browsing staff recommendations of some awesome music. That’s where our idea staff picks came in: we wanted to give players a taste of the tracks the Music Library team enjoys. Let’s flip through some records in our “Staff Picks” queue and hear what the team has to say:

Shane Gann

Lead Music Library Developer

Artist: NOFX

Song: "What's the Matter With Parents Today?"

As a punk rock kid at heart, this live version of "What's the Matter With Parents Today?" is just too fun to pass up. The lyrics are sung from bassist Fat Mike's perspective and center around his parents coming to his concerts not just as supportive family members, but as active members of the crowd. The juxtaposition of the youthful offspring reminding his parents to be more responsible is a hilarious take on family dynamics in rock & roll, and the band nails the live performance with the same frenetic energy they're known for on-record.

Artist: Finntroll

Song: "Insects"

Finntroll's cover of Oingo Boingo's "Insects" is a delightfully modern rendition of one of Danny Elfman's classic avant-garde compositions. The heavy, power chord rhythms of the verses are punctuated by impactful drums & distorted guitars, which counterpoint a danceable chorus reminiscent of bugs scurrying about on a Friday night. It's uniquely infectious (or, in sticking with the theme of the song, perhaps I should say infestuous)!

Michael Aczon

Music R&D Consultant

Artist: Eurythmics

Song: "Would I Lie To You"

One of my picks for this song list is "Would I Lie To You" by the Eurythmics. From the opening guitar riff, this song is pure energy to me. The relentless guitar and bass groove leading into a funky backdrop in the pre-chorus and then back again into the groove is a perfect foundation for Annie Lennox to dance on top of with her vocal performance. It makes me want to get up and dance!

Francesca Perricone

Music Library Developer

Artist: The Cure

Song: "Friday I’m in Love (Live at Bestival 2011)"

It was Berlin, August 2005. I got lost twice on the S-Bahn train, but I made it to my first ‘The Cure’ show! I wasn’t even their biggest fan at that time, but that live concert made me realize how glorious the band is. With impeccable execution and quality of sound, Robert Smith and mates gave it their all. The Cure’s generosity (3 hours set) and affection to the crowd really impressed me, and it was still present at other shows I saw a few years later. As players you are sure to feel that same feeling in this version of "Friday I’m in Love (Live at Bestival 2011)". We’ve got 30 tracks from that concert available, play them all in one sitting!

Did you enjoy reading through our team members' choices? The songs presented here are but a glimpse of the larger “Staff Picks'' queue we have prepared for the month of April. At Rocksmith+ we value all aspects of learning, from the techniques found in lesson videos to the mutual joy of sharing music with others. Try them out for yourself today

Soha Sadeghinejad is a member of the Rocksmith+ Music Team. She’s an avid viola player, music teacher, artist, and writer. She's mentored students in a “Neurodiversity in Tech” internship, an 8 week program designed to help young adults learn how to build a videogame from concept to completion.

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