November 23, 2022

The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you shopping for a musician in your life this Holiday season? We've pulled together a list of delightful items for musicians of all levels at price points to suit any budget. Let's take a look!

Under $20

1. Ernie Ball Axis Capo starting at $14.99

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Everyone loves a capo! It's an especially useful tool for beginner guitarists, or singer/songwriters looking to match their guitar playing to their vocal range. This tool allows players to easily change a song to a higher octave to experiment with playing songs in different keys. It's available in eight finishes to suit your style and works great for electric or acoustic guitar because it can accommodate both flat and curved fret boards. If your musician friend could use a capo this year, the Ernie Ball model is a solid and dependable option.

Under $30

2. Ibanez Multi-Tool $24.99

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Every musician I know carries multiple tools in their gig bag, to the point where they're basically carrying around a whole toolbox. Why not just have everything you need for your instrument in one place? Your friend will thank you when they never lose any of those tiny allen wrenches again.

Under $50

3. Gibson Guitar Straps $39.99

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Guitar straps are a great way to express your personal style, and we love these gorgeous vintage strap designs from Gibson. They are handmade with the finest materials to keep your guitar or bass tight and safely close to you while you rock out onstage.

4. Marshall Jack Rack II starting at $44.99

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - marshallkeyholder

If you have a musician in your life, I bet they - like all of us - misplace their keys all the time. Anyhow, if they can plug their keys (or whatever else you want to throw on a keychain) right into the wall, just like plugging their guitar into an amp, I doubt they'll be losing them again! It also works as a great cable management tool if they have a music room or personal studio.

Under $100

5. Gibson Mini Guitars starting at $49.99

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - gibsonminiguitar

CAPTION: Banana for scale (not included).

These little Gibson mini guitars are a perfect prop for your office or studio. It's like having a little band mascot hanging around. Some might even say it's a friendly reminder to practice guitar. Bonus: if the musician in your life plays a full-size version of one of these, it's a must!      

6. Marshall MS-2 MicroAmp starting at $54.99

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - marshallmini

This is a great, affordable practice amp for someone starting out on electric guitar or who isn't quite ready for a hefty gigging amp. It's perfect for practicing in your bedroom and still getting that exciting electric volume and tone (and won't make enemies with your neighbors). It also can run on batteries, so you can take this little amp down to the street corner and rock out with your case open for a little busking or take it to an impromptu backyard jam - no extension cord needed!

Under $200

7. Kramer Focus Electric Guitar starting at $149

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - kramerfocus

The Kramer Focus is a fantastic first electric guitar at an extremely reasonable price. You won't find a match in quality for this price point. It's full sized and packs quite a punch, one of our staff members even bought one after trying it out. It's an incredible quality electric guitar for beginners or someone looking to add a dependable (and colorful) new electric to their collection.

8. Epiphone El Nino Travel Guitar $179

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - epiphoneelnino

Everyone needs a travel guitar they can whip out around a campfire or that's small and easy to fly with or take to the beach. The Epiphone El Nino also makes a great first guitar for a younger person to play that will fit them comfortably. This little guitar packs a sonic punch and is an easy companion to any musical gathering, with a price point that makes it a little less stressful to carry around with you as well.

Under $500

9. Epiphone Power Player Electric Guitar starting at $279

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - powerplayers

Are you looking to get your younger guitar player their first electric guitar? These create serious sound but are a size that smaller hands can navigate. The Power Player series guitars are perfect for a starter electric that feels, sounds, and looks as great as what professional musicians are playing. And it's not just for kids - lots of players like having a short-scale guitar laying around for the unique tone they produce.

10. Orange Bass Butler Pedal starting at $429

[RS+] - The Rocksmith+ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - orangebassbutler

If you've got a gigging bassist in your life, this is the only pedal they'll ever need. It's worth the hefty price point, as it's basically an amp in one pedal, which is a whole lot easier to carry around to gigs. They'll still get the control and sound quality of an amp, clean or dirty, option to utilize the crunchiness Orange amps are known for, without lugging around a heavy amp head and cab.

Don't forget that the musician in your life can always use more picks and strings - the things that frequently disappear or wear out that take an extra trip to the store to replace; they make great stocking-stuffers. From all of us at Rocksmith+, Happy Holidays!

Emily Gude is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter living in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Rocksmith+, she studied art history at the University of California, Berkeley. Her band, Radiokeys, plays and tours regularly. With her brother Stewart, she also writes and co-hosts a podcast, the Radiokeys Rock n' Roll Review, sharing the mic with her two beloved cats, Django and Oscar.

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