October 26, 2020

Riding across Riders Republic’s massive social playground

What’s up, Riders? We’re back and looking at the exploration in the wild and lively world of Riders Republic!

First and foremost, what options do you have to navigate around the world? Well, as a massive multiplayer outdoor playground, the whole map is entirely open to explore with no barrier. You can go anywhere and everywhere, seamlessly traversing from one region to another. One moment, you could be in the snowy mountains of Grand Teton, riding down on a snowboard or skis to reach Yosemite Valley, before going across the valley with your bike and pedaling up the path to Half Dome, then wing suiting to Zion and cycling through dirt environments to reach Bryce Canyon.

You can of course use your bike, snowboard, skis, wingsuit or rocket wingsuit, but also other vehicles such as the paramotor (a paraglider powered by a propeller), a snow mobile or you could even just walk! But here’s the fun twist – you can switch gears on the fly!

This means that you can ride the snowmobile to reach a snowy summit, and then switch to skis to shred them slopes. If you make a mystifying jump off the cliff and you’re worried you might make a bone crushing fall, switch up instantly to the wingsuit and hug the cliffside for extra points.

Getting a bit low to the ground? No problem! Change up to the paramotor to get height and find a sweet spot to hit that hotshot landing as you change to a bike mid-air, throw in a couple of gnarly flips, and then head over to Yosemite Valley or the Bear park. The creative possibilities to explore and ride across the map are almost endless! This was a key factor in our design decisions.

In order to make exploration rewarding, the world is filled with plenty of discoveries waiting to be made, surprises to be found and a lot of side activities if you decide to leave the road for a while and explore. And the grand scale of it all makes for excellent picture opportunities!

This is highlighted in the treks, where you can enjoy our most iconic and beautiful landmarks of the U.S. national parks. Enjoy a day out, check out the wildlife and marvel at the world you’re in.

Who are we to tell you how to play? This is YOUR game, and YOUR playground to explore. We can’t wait for you to get out there and go wild! Please don’t forget to check out our Instagram to join the fun and join our Official Discord to get in on the conversation.


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