October 12, 2020

All About Bikes in Riders Republic

Greetings Riders!

Leading up to the release of Riders Republic, we want to give you regular updates regarding various features in the game. Today, we would like to tell you a bit more about bikes including why we have them in the game, how we designed them, and a bit about how they work in Riders Republic.

Why bikes?

With Riders Republic, we want to offer our players a variety in both their gameplay and visual experience. In addition to majestic snowy landscapes, we wanted to showcase the rough trails and arid canyons of the US National Parks. Bikes are the perfect way to traverse these bumpy environments and will allow players to experience the unique rush of riding a bike at high speeds like never before.

Design philosophy

From the beginning, we knew we wanted the game to feel as comfortable to new players as it does to our most hardcore players. We wanted the controls to not only be interesting for our players who may ride bikes in their lives, but also wanted them to be enjoyable for those who don’t usually step onto a bike. Just as with all the sports in Riders Republic, a lot of effort has been put into this element so that the experience is approachable for all players.

Tricks & Bike Types

Tricks are the core of the bike sport in Riders Republic. This is where your talents will really shine. As we stated in our previous article, gear will impact what tricks you’ll be able to do. For bikes specifically, you’ll have different types of bikes like downhill, road, slopestyle, and freeride bikes. The slopestyle and freeride bikes will have their own set of tricks.

The Slopestyle bike is a lightweight bike allowing for quick tricks such as bar spins and tail whips. This is the bike you’ll want for any tricks that require agility to pull off. If you’re looking to fit in a lot of quick, high movement tricks, then this is the bike for you.

The Freeride bike is a bit heavier and is better for tricks that will require more airtime. This bike is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re wanting to live your best Superman life. You won’t be able to pull off some of the more agile tricks with this one, so make sure you have the time to pull your tricks off.

With any of the tricks, you’ll have two ways to accomplish them. If you’re new to the game, or a bit more casual, you may want to use auto-mode. In auto-mode, you’ll only need to start the trick, and the game will help you with the perfect landing.

More seasoned players may want to switch to manual-mode, in which control is completely in your hands. Your successes and failures are all on you. Keep in mind, though, that manual mode is the only way to truly get the best scores.
Thank you so much again, Riders, for showing all your excitement for Riders Republic. Please don’t forget to check out our Instagram to join the fun and join our Official Discord to get in on the conversation.

Until then, we’ll see you in another two weeks!


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