July 27, 2022

Relax, the Summer Break is here!

Hello Riders!

Bring your lounge chair, because the Summer Break has started! Whilst the Summer Break update dropped in Riders Republic the 26th, the season starts today! Let's have a look at what this season brings!


Teased a while back in a Community Update, the Leaderboards are finally here! All events will have a new option where you can claim the top spot. To make sure everyone faces the same conditions for their best entry, the previous times or scores will not be added, and they will also reset every season. In this mode, you'll have no collisions, and no backtrack. Instead of backtracking, the event will restart directly.
You might notice the functionality is a Beta version. It's simply that we want to make sure this feature is in the best status possible, so we might have to tweak a bit here and there. Just like the Clan and Session Marker features, we can't wait to see your feedback!

Another aspect of the leaderboard we want to work with you, is the Report and Sanction aspect. The Leaderboard allows you to be the judge of other runs, be checking their ghost. We'd like to work together to define what is an abuse that should be directly sanctioned. Or what is an aspect that is hard for the majority, but still tolerated to make sure the hardcore Riders have their place to shine.
We'll be navigating together through those gray area to make sure the Leaderboard can be as competitive and as fair as possible.

Get ready to climb the ranks and show your worth!


Since the Showdown Season, you're able to ride your bike on one wheel, and we know, there are other sports in Riders Republic. With the Summer Break, you can now do butters on snowboard and skies too! Share your best screens using #RidersRepublic and we can't wait to see them!

New mass Race

New season, new mass Race! After Canyon Storm and Zion's Hill, the number of Mass Races is growing. This new one is hiding a unique twist tied with other events happening during this season. More on that below!

New season progression & Sponsor

The Summer Break comes also with a new Season Progression, with new summer-themed customization. The sponsor Trek joins the ranks with new rewards to unlock!

News and notifications changes

Most of you are familiar with it now! You can see in-game news, to inform you of weekly changes in the Republic, or notifications to remind you when multiplayer modes are ready. We brought some changes to them!
The notifications will adapt to the week's flavour, be on the look-out for them!

But we will also include your own creations in your communications now. Your screenshots have been amazing, and we want to make sure they get the love they deserve. Maybe yours will soon take the spotlight?

New Ridge

The Republic is also adapting to the summer vibe! New Hoops are appearing to spray you with water, making sure you stay hydrated! And the entire Ridge got pimped! Will you take a break from races there to build the best sandcastle?
There's also a giant avocado seed there, what is it?

Playing For The Planet - Rebirth

While Riders Republic won the Green Game Jam 2022 Media's Choice award with Project Phoenix, it will make its appearance only in the future.
However, Project Rebirth is now live! You can help save our planet and reforest the Republic!

A new booth in the Ridge appeared, in the shape of an avocado seed. If you're checking it, you'll be teleported to the Rebirth Camp where all you need to help plant trees in the Republic will be at your disposal.
We also invite you to join us for a World Premier! The very first Climate March in a video game which will happen in Riders Republic the 30th July. We can't wait to see you there!

Participating in those events not only can get you rewards, but it will also change the face of Riders Republic! Leave your mark in the Republic and help us grow trees!
Ubisoft Annecy will be supporting Ecologi in their reforestation initiatives, with the objective to help plant an estimated 300K real world trees.
You can visit their website so you can easily help plant trees in your forest!


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