November 25, 2021


Howdy, Riders! Once again, we're changing things up. Another week, another challenge to take on in the Republic!

This week's focus is on PRO RIDERS. It's all about competing against the bests and participating in top events. Do you have what it takes to be a pro rider? Prove yourself in our new Free For All playlist and Shackdaddy Bandit Challenges!

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GO BIG OR GO HOME: this week's Free For All playlist

Prove yourself: compete in this selection of top biking and snow sport events and rise above everybody else! Will you emerge a pro rider?

  • Red Bull Hardline -- Bike Race
  • ROSSIGNOL Feel the Powder -- Snow Race
  • Salomon All-In-One -- Snow Race
  • RIDGE TV Option 7 -- Snow Tricks
  • Burton Grove -- Snow Tricks
  • Red Bull Parks Session -- Snow Tricks

New Shackdaddy Bandit Challenges

The life of a pro rider means taking on the biggest and boldest challenges. How else will top brands notice you? We're upping the ante for this week's challenges!

Easy difficulty

  • TIME TO SHINE: Get 3 first place finishes in big or boss events on EXPERT difficulty
  • NAME IN LIGHTS: Complete 3 events in the week's featured Free For All playlist

Medium difficulty

  • ON THE DOTTED LINE: Complete 8 sponsor contracts
  • TITLE FIGHT: Complete 3 Mass Races

Hard difficulty

  • POLE POSITION: Reach Weekly Level 4 in the Multiplayer Competition, playing Tricks Battle or Free For All
  • GOLDEN TICKET: Complete 5 unique stunts without failing and using the BACKTRACK feature

Master challenge

  • PRO RIDERS: Complete 5 Shackdaddy Bandits Challenges to earn a pair of skis, the Dictator 2.0 X!

And of course, Mass Races are still available to play every half hour!

There you have it. Go forth, Riders, and become the pro you were always meant to be. See you on the Ridge!


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