The US Division Draw

We are excited to announce a special event to unveil the North American League’s US Division, which is part of the new Rainbow Six Circuit! Join us on June 15th, at 6:00PM EDT on Twitch for the US Division Draw. This event is the official kick off for the North American League.

The show will feature all US Division team captains, as they proceed to draw their groups, matches and playdays! Join us to watch how the groups will unfold for Stage 1.

This will also be the first time we reveal our North American League talent pool on-screen! Be sure to follow @R6EsportsNA for all the latest news on the North American League.


draw show twitch drop

We are thrilled to offer Twitch Drops during this special event!

As we kick off our new program, we want to give our community one last token of Pro League by offering a Pro League charm to keep celebrating its legacy. The more you watch, the better your chances!



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