We are excited to bring you another “Declassified”, a community spotlight for the content creators of the Rainbow Six Siege Community!

Don't forget to post your content with the #R6Community hashtag so we can share it in the future!

We were completely speechless when we found this cosplay! Mute has never looked so real, Xbatsumask!
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This fan art for Operation Phantom Sight is simply incredible! You did a phenomenal job with this one, RicciSamuele01!
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Bluerainni brought this fantastic watercolor piece of Dokkaebi to life! We just had to include this incredibly unique creation!
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We thought this picture of absolutely nothing would fit well here! On a serious note, you did an amazing job with this Vigil cosplay, Altzatres!
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IFrAgMenTIx absolutely killed it with the Nøkk fan art! Utterly stunning work!
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The detail ingrained into this Caviera piece is unprecedented! And it’s a great tribute to hanjosi’s Caviera cosplay too! This shows true dedication and incredible talent, well done, kukinmilk!
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Check out this awesome fan art of Lion and Finka hanging out with an adorable pup! Great work, glambertiluvu!
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