Quarantine of Lion From esports competitions

We recently announced that we would be quarantining Lion from competitive Rainbow Six play as an exceptional measure. This is the result of a number of discussions and feedback loops including pro players, our design team, and the competitive community at large.

We have always been transparent with respect to the Pro League and the highest levels of competitive play, Lion is operating outside of expectations with unintended mechanics. In order to make sure we get this properly addressed as we work on potential solutions, we will gather feedback from our pro players with the hope that our collaboration will result in an operator that is fun to play as, with, or against at all levels of skill.

This quarantine is an exceptional measure to address an exceptional operator, and it is our goal to avoid having to use these measures again, but is an effort to fulfil our promise to listen to our player community and take decisive action when necessary.

It is also important to note that Lion is still fully available in both casual and ranked matches.

Ultimately our design team will take all feedback gathered at the pro workshop playtests into consideration as Lion's rework progresses and lift the quarantine when we feel he has returned to a state where he contributes to an engaging and entertaining competitive meta, rather than one where he detracts from it.

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