Bend your knees and thrust your hips – it’s time for an intense dose of hard-hitting dodgeball action! OddBallers is a hilariously charming and totally bonkers multiplayer party game where each round is a new, absurd type of dodgeball.

Game Overview

Play a new type of hard-hitting dodgeball

Dodge, block, and grab whatever you can to throw at the face of your frenemies. And use the environment to crush opponents with electrical fences, explosive gas tanks or tennis ball launchers. This game is dodgeball turned up to 11

Embrace the absurd

Every arena challenges players with its own rules and features frantic mini-games where anything can happen! From last-one standing games to team-based battles to running for your life wearing a rooster costume or knocking opponents out with fresh fish -- OddBallers goes there

Challenge your friends

Test your skills (and friendships) online or locally! Play with up to 6 players (4 on Playstation) in your living room or take the matches online to decide who’s the greatest OddBallers to ever exist!
And thanks to cross-play, you can play online with your friends no matter their platform : Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, PC or Luna!

Tailor your game and character

Customize your character from head to toe, with hundreds of hilarious outfits, haircuts, and more to be the best (and most ridiculous) looking OddBallers in the arena. You can even pick your favorite celebratory dance move to taunt your fallen foes; and tailor each mini-game to your taste! Adjust match length, difficulty, even create your own mini-game playlists!

Switch up your playing field

From rustic farms to waterfront towns to paradise islands, each environment features more than 20 different arenas and unique mini-games for even more fun. There’s always something surprising to discover and use to enhance your gameplay!


OddBallers is a bombastic, dodgeball-inspired multiplayer party game where players are encouraged to use hilariously unfair tactics and wacky weapons to win mini-games in this highly customizable, endlessly absurd world.

Release Date:

January 26, 2023


Dodgeball / Party Game


Gameswing, Ubisoft Mumbai

OddBallers is available on:

PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Amazon Luna / PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X|S

OddBallers is rated:

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