August 30, 2023


After all these years...  Rayman makes his great comeback to team up with Rabbid Mario and Rabbid Peach! Explore an exciting new place: The Space Opera Network. This uncanny film studio is managed by the Phantom himself, the heroes' archenemy from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but this time he needs their help. This unlikely cast of all-stars must engage in tactical turn-based battles to help the Phantom create THE greatest show ever! Join our heroes in this new adventure, Rayman In The Phantom Show new DLC, available now!


Rayman is back! Experience the unexpected team-up of Rayman, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Mario. A surprising combination that certainly brings fireworks! The Phantom is also back under the spotlight! Execute the eccentric requests of your former nemesis turned director and help him create the best show ever. And to help you, you can recruit 2 new Sparks for the Rabbids on the way: Cryoquake and Selfie.

[MRSH] News - Rayman is Back ! - MRSH_SCRN_DLC3-RVL_Phantom


The Space Opera Network is a movie-inspired new dimension, full of surprises, unlike anything else in the galaxy. With gigantic TV sets, messy warehouses, and a lunatic director, you'll experience a thrilling and memorable adventure with more than 8 hours of content. As you explore the studio, you'll discover three different cinematic worlds: Western, Pirate and Medieval. There's plenty to keep you on your toes!

[MRSH] News - Rayman is Back ! - MRSH_SCRN_DLC3-RVL_Trio-TeamJump


Lead the iconic limbless hero Rayman who joins the roster with unique moves and powers in 3D, referencing almost 30 years of history. Leap into battle to discover action-focused combat mechanics powered by Rayman: use lumrings and the haircopter to cross the battlefield at will, summon turrets to place traps for all enemies, and steal items directly from enemies with the Plunger Blaster. Also leverage the full power of Rayman's legendary costumes, a blast from his past: The Rocket & The Vortex costumes!

[MRSH] News - Rayman is Back ! - MRSH_SCRN_DLC3-RVL_Combat

Prepare for action-packed, movie-inspired battles and save the day with this wacky team!

Rayman In The Phantom Show will be available standalone at 14.99$/€, or in the +Rayman Edition at 69.99$/€, or as a part of the Season Pass at 29.99$/€ on the Nintendo eShop.

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