August 3, 2023


Mario, Rabbid Peach and the entire team have crossed all known planets within the galaxy, faced obstacles and pitfalls, defeated epic enemies and restored peace... but did you really think you were done with Cursa's minions  ? While our heroes were sunbathing on Beacon Beach or climbing the Pristine Peaks, malicious entities  were plotting their own evil plans, and they will certainly not be thwarted so easily!  Join our legendary heroes in three new adventures within the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Season Pass, already available and discover brand new content!


It's time to enter the Tower of Doooom and to meet its greedy and mysterious landlady... the one and only Madame Bwahstrella! Ascend the tower to free your old friend Spawny, in a new game mode focused on combat. Fight your way up through new tactical challenges never seen in the main game, as procedural generation makes each battle unique and demanding in its own way. Build and upgrade your team through each Expedition, plan strategically, and adapt your tactics to triumph against all odds. After saving Spawny, your mission is far from over. Enter 8 new Challenge Levels that will offer increasing difficulty and always tougher enemies. Pray the fates and get ready to finally face THE ultimate challenge of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

And remember, in the end, ""you are doooomed""!  

The Tower of Doooom, is already available, as a Season Pass exclusive DLC .

DLC 2 is already available in the Season Pass, or standalone.

The galaxy is a mysterious place to explore and an evergreen source of surprises... and new places are still to be discovered. In this second DLC, our Heroes will step foot on the Melodic Gardens, an enchanting planet galaxy-famous for its wonderful music. Yet, the planet is now completely silenced, and Mario and his friends will have to investigate to find the origins of the threat looming over this place and to restore the lost harmony. More exciting content is also to be revealed.     

DLC 2 will be available soon as part of the Season Pass, or standalone   . Stay tuned!


After all these years... a well-known hero is finally ready for an epic comeback! Alongside Rabbid Mario and Rabbid Peach, Rayman will join the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope adventure in this new DLC, and… Surprise! Our heroes will be welcomed by the charismatic ghostly boss of Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle, The Phantom! Explore an exciting new place The Space Opera Network, where Rayman and his team have been chosen to become TV show’s new Superstars. However, the road to stardom is strewn with pitfalls, because the Phantom wants his chance to shine too...
DLC 3 will be available on August 30th as part of the Season Pass, standalone, OR in the +Rayman Edition. Get ready!

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Season Pass is already available at 29.99$/€ on the Nintendo eShop. DLC 3 will be available standalone at 14.99$/€ or in the +Rayman Edition at 69.99$/€ on the Nintendo eShop.

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