July 1, 2022

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: a deep dive into combat and hero archetypes

We're back! Did you miss us? The teams in Paris and Milan have been hard at work since our reveal at E3 last year. Let us know in the comments if you're as excited as we are!

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will let you delve into many worlds and environments with the freedom to explore as you wish. You will meet a cast of unforgettable characters. Some of them will give you missions to complete; others may present you with challenges or mysteries to uncover.

But above all, this is a dynamic and tactical combat game with a surprising depth and amazing synergies to discover together with our cast of heroes and Sparks. You'll find a more detailed explanation of how combat works and the many diverse abilities, skills, and options to expect here in this article.

Dynamic, Tactical Combat

[MRSH] Battleground gif

Make your way through a whole host of battlegrounds. We are preparing carefully hand-crafted challenges on themed maps that will challenge you to never-before-seen tactical combat and truly test your skills. Scout the battleground in advance and plan your use of covers and elevation carefully.

[SHK] Mario + Rabbids Comeback Tactical Combat - BobOmb Throwing v2 orange eyes

You will normally select a team of three heroes for each battle. Real-time grid-less combat allows you to find the optimal positions, while you explore all the movement options available to you - dashing, jumping, hiding, throwing, and vaulting over minor obstacles.

You will use a variety of tools to navigate the battlefield, flank your foes and find opportunities to thwart them. Find and use all advantages you can find, including some of the enemies themselves!

[MRSh] Technique

The heroes all have different weapons and techniques to use, from Mario's handy double-shot to Bowser's flashy explosive projectiles or Rabbid Mario's dazzling melee attacks. They complement each other and synergize in ways that encourage innovation.

In addition to the weapons, all heroes have individual techniques. Shield your allies, prepare devastating counterattacks, or put the enemies to sleep!

[MRSH] Spark

Depending on which hero you choose and which enemies you face, you'll want to carefully select your Sparks as well. They open up a whole world of tactical possibilities, like granting immunities, or adding super-effects to your various kinds of attacks. Clever use of their abilities will truly make a difference between defeat and victory. The more of them you save, the more options you'll have for future battles.

Complete Hero Lineup

New allies will join Mario and his friends on their quest. Let's get to know our full roster of heroes!


Mario and Starburst

The main Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom takes on another mission, to save the Sparks and many beautiful worlds from the galactic threat of Cursa. Mario is always bright and cheerful. He is instantly recognizable with his blue overalls, red cap, and trademark mustache, and is always ready to step up when good needs to prevail through acts of bravery.

Mario can target two enemies at the same time thanks to his Dual Slinger, and his signature technique Hero Sight lets him react and shoot at enemies moving in his range. His skill tree lets him unlock the powerful Stomp ability, and even fire at enemies from the air during a team jump, giving him an elevated tactical advantage.

Starburst is the real star of the show, but any heroes hanging around get to share a little bit of its glow. Its power allows it to boost the damage done by heroes in its range for one turn. Shine bright, Starburst!


Rabbid Peach and Pyrogeddon

Always on the lookout for the perfect social media angle, Rabbid Peach is a true diva. A great explosion will make an amazing backdrop, and vanquished enemies make for the perfect props. Clean up the Darkmess to improve the view a little bit, would you? Don't forget to follow her here!

Her Triple-Troll will fire three times and find their way behind or even destroy many covers. That's not all she offers though, with her amazing technique she can Heal her friends in a radius, and with some skill points assigned she can even learn the powerful Healing Jump.

She is joined here by Pyrogeddon. It is on fire, baby! When its powers are used enemies in its range are targeted by flaming meteors. They could always try to hide...

[MRSH] Bowser

Bowser and Exosphere

The King of the Koopas and Mario's archrival has had his forces stolen by Cursa and he is not happy about that. He joins the heroes in an uneasy alliance, on a quest to regain his status and take his revenge.

With his supreme strength, he wields the massive Bowzooka, able to fire flaming rocks and do great damage to any nearby enemies. He will also summon target-seeking Rabbid Mechakoopas to command, and you'll find he can learn to make a truly devastating impact when he lands after a Jump.

Next to him, you see Exosphere. When its friends are threatened, it gets defensive. Partner it with a hero to make them more resistant to physical damage and super effects.

[MRSH] Edge

Edge and Vampdash

Edge is uncompromising; her only goal is to save the galaxy, and nothing will get in her way. Her mysterious past lies hidden in shadows, but her sense of justice and rebellious nature is as bright as day. Her bravery is only matched by her pride, and she will not give up until all the Sparks are safe from Cursa's grasp.

With her Flying Blade she excels at damaging multiple enemies in a row and with her impressive Stormblade technique she will surprise any enemies that try to approach! With time and experience Edge can also learn how to dash multiple enemies in one turn. Watch out!

They say you can't buy health, but you sure can steal it. Just ask Vampdash! Its power allows you to transform part of the damage dealt to an enemy into healing energy for your hero.


Luigi and Aquanox

Mario's brother and fellow hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is crucial to defend the Sparks from the relentless Spark hunters. Luigi is instantly recognizable in his green hat and shirt. He is very kind, and a huge role model for Rabbid Luigi, who truly recognizes him as Number 1.

Luigi is excellent with his Sharpshooter. He relies on distance from his targets to deal the highest single-target damage of all our extravagant heroes. With his unlockable double team jump skill and supreme mobility, he'll always find the perfect placement on the battleground, and when the enemies move into his range, his Steely Stare will ensure they don't get close.

By his side here you find Aquanox, who is always up to make a big splash! Get ready to get swept away by its waves. Thanks to this little creature your hero's attacks turn to water and will make those who seek to encroach simply bounce away.

[MRSH] Rabbids Rosalina

Rabbid Rosalina and Ethering

Rabbid Rosalina knows the value of family and education and when Cursa threatens her friend Captain Orion she joins the heroes despite her ennui.  She is highly intelligent but does not always see the value in making any kind of effort.

With her Kaboomer she can obliterate covers and her Ennui technique will help the team of heroes get a well-deserved break as the enemies around her check out. As she levels up, she can also learn how to dash individual enemies into stasis.

Did you ever wonder what it's like to be invisible? Ethering is your Spark. By its side, your hero moves unseen by enemies for one turn. Spooky!

[MRSH] Peach

Peach and Reflector

The beloved Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom joins the team of heroes to ensure the Sparks and all other galactic residents can live in safety and happiness, free from the tyranny of Cursa's evil forces.

Her signature pink dress is quite lovely and matches her fantastic Boom-Brella, which fires at the enemy in a powerful cone attack. Her Team Barrier technique allows her to shield her allies from attacks, as does her unlockable Barrier Jump skill, and together they let her protect her friends when they need it the most.

When Reflector powers up, the enemies better beware! With its help, the attack aimed at the hero is directed right back at the opponent. Ouch.

[MRSH] Rabbid Luigi

Rabbid Luigi and Toxiquake

Adorable doesn't mean defenseless. Rabbid Luigi may be naïve, but he will always fight for his friends and do his best. He really looks up to Luigi, who is his great role model and number one hero.

Childishly disruptive, the enemies find him extremely annoying as he targets them behind covers with his bouncing Discruptor or weakens them with his Exhaust technique.

There's no escape from Toxiquake! With its Shockwave Ooze, waves of ooze-infused venom spread out around the Spark. The spill deals damage to nearby enemies and poisons the surviving ones over several turns.

[MRSH] Rabbid Mario

Rabbid Mario and Glitter

This talented, Mandolin-playing charmer will always be the first to charge the enemy. His courage is only matched by his charm! A fearless brawler, he prefers being up close and personal with the enemy. Cursa's army better beware.

Rabbid Mario has a pair of powerful gauntlets, the Dukes, and with the shockwaves they produce he can even damage enemies hiding behind cover! His Counter Blow technique will trigger if an enemy dares to attack him.

Glitter is the life of the party! And with this comes special powers: when it starts to sing the enemy will get magnetically pulled in. Nobody can resist its moves.

Summary and closing:

Let us know what you think! We can't wait to let you discover even more tactical options later. We look forward to seeing you use all the tools at your disposal to set up devastating combos and defeat Cursa's army.
You'll be hearing more from us in the coming months as we gear up to launch on the 20th of October 2022. Stay in touch on @mariorabbids.

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