Gather your friends & family and get ready for this year’s hit songs and quirky
dance moves that have something for everyone!

Game Overview

Power to the community!

For the first time ever, with the all-new Community Remix feature, you can be the coach in Just Dance! Record yourself dancing to one of tracks with your console camera and share it in-game for other members of the community to vote on. The Just Dance development team will then create a playable remixed gameplay that other players can dance along to!
The new Just Dance Wall also enables you to share your stats and wildest dance
performances, vote on other fans videos, make friends, collaborate, and more!

Never dance alone!

With the World Dance Floor online multiplayer mode, dance with anyone
anywhere in the world, join a virtual dance crew, compete on different
themes and check fun stats and rankings!
Even when not playing at the same time, with the new Challenger Mode
feature you can dance and score against previous performances of other
players from friends and family to top ranked Just Dancers

Just dance favorites are back!

Own the spotlight with the On Stage Mode where one player will dance and
lead one or two back-up dancers.
With the Karaoke mode, you can sing along to the song by following lyrics
displayed on screen. You can take it seriously and show off how talented
you are, or just goof off with friends.

Just Dance 2015

Just Dance® 2015 is back with all new features. I addition to the world dance floor, discover the new challenger Mode to challenge your friends, score on their performance and compete against the best Just Dancers anywhere in the world. And with the new Community Remix feature, record your best performance and even become part of the game! With Just Dance 2015, players are really the center of the game and with the Just Dance Wall, you’ll always be connected, to share all that is happening within the game or amongst your friends!

Release Date:

October 21, 2014


Music / Rythm


Ubisoft Paris


Wii / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / Xbox One / Xbox 360

Just Dance 2015 is rated

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