Unleash your inner shark!

The famous Hungry Shark series just got reinvented exclusively for Daydream. The VR game will take you into a unique underwater hunt.

Game Overview


Explore a massive underwater environment from caves to ruins and even shipwrecks!

Use Your Swimming Skills

Whether it's an eat, race or rescue mission, your swimming skills will be put to the ultimate test!

An Underwater Adventure

Swim with the sharks, as a shark, for a full and exciting underwater adventure!

A Lot of Sharks to Unlock

Start with the friendly bull shark and unlock others including the iconic Great White!

Various Enemies

Various enemies await from stinging jellyfish to hostile divers!

Accurate and Smooth Controls

Unleashing your inner shark is easy with smooth and accurate controls!

Hungry Shark VR

Only on Daydream

Download Hungry Shark VR on Google Play! Please note, this game requires a Daydream View headset and a Daydream-ready phone to play.


Hungry Shark VR

Hungry Shark VR takes full advantage of the Daydream platform by offering complete freedom of movement in 360 degree underwater exploration, racing, and hunting.

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Virtual Reality



Hungry Shark VR is rated

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