June 11, 2019

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint @ E3: Walker and the Wolves


[GRB] [News Article] [June 11th] Walker

You’ve met Cole Walker in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands during Operation Oracle. You’ll meet him again in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint - but this time, he’s not your brother-in-arms. Play the game to discover why Walker turned against the Ghosts and created the Wolves.

But be advised: We have received new intel on the Wolves and the tools at their disposal.


Walker won’t be alone. At E3, we introduced his four lieutenants: Rosebud, Silverback, Flycatcher, and Yellowleg. These enemies will prove to be some of your fiercest and most resourceful opponents, second only to Walker himself.

Each Wolf lieutenant has a unique, deadly skillset that will present a considerable challenge to even the toughest Ghost.

[GRB] [News Article] [June 11th] - Lieutenant

In the E3 demo, players were able to meet Flycatcher and get a small taste of what his deadly drones can do.


You will also be able to encounter a brand-new type of enemy in the Behemoth Defense Arenas.

Behemoth Defense Arenas are critical communication relays that are protected night and day by Drone Control Stations. These are manned by the strongest drone available to the Wolves, the Behemoth.

Fighting a Behemoth drone will require strength and strategy, even for the Ghosts. Rocket Launchers and EMP Grenades are two tools that players might want to employ when attacking these drones.

[GRB] [News Article] [June 11th] Drone Behemoth


In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the Wolves are utilizing the Skell Tech military drones to aid their cause.

During the E3 demo, players were able to see three new types of military drone in action.

The Azrael is designed to scan the world from the sky, so it can send a patrol of Wolves to a location if it spots any threats.

The Malphas is a search and destroy machine that can fly up to any position to take down a threat.

The Andras is a bulky ground drone that can be heavily armed and armoured. You need to find its weak points to destroy it quickly.


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