July 12, 2020

Introducing AI Teammates to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

On Wednesday, July 15, with TU 2.1.0, AI teammates will land in Auroa.

All of us here at the Ghost Recon team want to thank you for your patience and excitement since we announced the addition of AI teammates to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint at E3 2019.

We’re thrilled to be able to share an in-depth brief on what our developers have been cooking up since last year.

Before we jump in to what you can expect on July 15 when you meet your new backup, we wanted to share a few words from our game director, Elie Benhamou:

We are very happy to release AI Teammates, and we know that expectations are high!

We did our best to include them into the game and world of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, focusing our efforts on enhancing the combat experience, as well as bringing a whole new layer of customization for your role-play activities!


After you download the update and log in, you will be introduced to your new backup through an introduction video that will also show you how to operate them with maximum efficiency.

The teammates can be activated or deactivated via the same menu at any time while in a solo session. It’s entirely up to you to choose which way you want to play: backed up by your squad or as a lone wolf operator.

If you’re new to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, once you complete the onboarding missions and leave Erewhon for the first time, you will be shown the introduction video and given directions on how to activate them right away!

You will have access to the AI Teammates in Regular, Immersive, and Custom mode so long as you are in a solo session.

Once you activate your AI teammates, they will wait for you outside of Erewhon whenever you return to it. If you fast travel to a different location, they will be at the destination with you when you arrive!


You will not be able to access Project Titan with AI Teammates. The challenges in the raid require communication and coordination among players that will not be possible with AI teammates.



When you first activate your teammates, you will meet Fury, Fixit, and Vasily! They come with their own look and customization preset based on their spec-op background. You can read more about their backstories here.

While their call signs will remain the same, you can fully customize their physical appearance:

  • Gender
  • Face
  • Eye Color
  • Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Hair Color
  • Facial Details
  • Facial Paint
  • Arm Tattoos

To create your perfect squad, go to the Squad Customization part of the Appearance tab.

They will be able to use any customization item or full icons you own to create a cohesive squad aesthetic or highlight a unique look. We cannot wait to see the squads you will create! Be sure to share screenshots of you with your squad and tag us on Twitter @GhostRecon.


Please note that the stats of your teammates will not change based on the gear they have equipped, both in Immersive and Regular Mode. Any customization change is purely cosmetic!

You can paste any customization you have on Nomad to each AI Teammate. However, you will not be able to mass apply a customization across all teammates at once.

The Visual Palette system will also be available to the AI Teammates. Each of the teammates will have five visual palettes available for you to save your custom looks and swap between them easily.


Each teammate will always carry two primary weapons. The first, you will be able to change and customize. Their secondary weapon will always be a standard ASR to ensure they can execute a Sync Shot command if their primary is a shotgun or an LMG. Otherwise, the AI Teammates will use your chosen primary weapon for all engagements, including Sync Shots.

Your teammates will automatically have their signature primary and secondary weapons as their starting equipment regardless of if you have found the respective blueprints in your game:

  • Fury: Primary – Vector | Secondary – 553
  • Fixit: Primary – M4 | Secondary – 805 Bren
  • Vasily: Primary – Scorpio | Secondary – 416

You can change their primary weapon to any you have the blueprint for, excluding the Grenade Launcher. You will have access to the full Gunsmith for your teammate’s primary weapon without mark upgrades or passive bonuses.

If you want to roll out with a sniper squad, close range with shotguns, or anything in-between – that’s all up you!

The weapon family of your primary weapon of choice will impact your teammate’s engagement distance, damage dealt, and firing pattern. However, do note that the attachments (including the Grenade Launcher underbarrel) added to the weapon won’t have a gameplay impact.

Your AI Teammates will have a handgun shown in their holster, but they will only engage with the primary weapon you have chosen for them, excluding select instances with the Sync Shot.


Back from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, we’re excited to introduce one of the favorite features to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Sync Shot with AI Teammates!

You’ll be able to utilize your new squad to quickly take down groups of enemies in a single moment.

You’ll be able to use your teammate Sync Shot in conjunction with your Sync Shot drones. This will allow you to take out a maximum of seven targets!

To activate the AI Teammate Sync Shot:

  • Aim at your target.
  • Tag them with your platform’s button prompt.
  • Wait for your Teammates to take aim: their targets will be marked with A, B, and C.
  • Launch the Sync Shot by pressing your platform’s button prompt or firing at a target.

To activate the AI Teammates and Sync Shot drone simultaneously:

  • Aim at your target.
  • Tag them with your platform’s button prompt.
  • Wait for your Teammates to take aim.
  • Open your item wheel and select Sync Shot Drone.
  • Aim at your drone targets using your platform’s button prompt (at this point you should have your AI Teammate targets marked with A, B, and C, while your Sync Shot Drone’s targets will be marked with 1, 2, and 3).
  • Launch the Sync Shot by pressing your platform’s button prompt or firing at a target.

Make sure you use this feature to quickly take out portions of a camp for a stealthy approach or to lighten enemy resistance as you prepare for a frontal assault!



The AI Teammates are built to follow your lead. Their movements and locomotion animation will depend on the type of terrain that you are traveling on.

The AI Teammates will always follow your character’s stance selection (stand, crouch, prone) and current situation (for example, if you engage in combat). You can adjust certain aspects of their behavior through the Order Wheel. For example, by telling your teammates they are “Cleared Hot,” they will initiate combat even if you are prone/stealth.

If you want to reach a high vantage point accessible by ladder to get a better angle on an enemy camp, they will appear at your location out of your line of sight when you arrive.


If no order is given to engage and the enemy AI (Azrael or other) has no visual confirmation on your own character, the AI Teammates will never break your stealth.

Your AI Teammates will copy your character’s stance. If you go prone, they will also go prone. Do note that if your character enters prone camo, the AI teammates will just go prone. This will not have any impact on your character being spotted.


You’ll have access to an order wheel that will give your teammates the following directions:

  • Cleared Hot: Teammates will engage enemies on sight and look for cover to the action.
  • Go To: Teammates will go to the designated location and look for cover once they’ve arrived.
  • Regroup: Teammates will return to you and follow your lead.
  • Hold: Teammates will look for the closest available cover and stop moving.

You can access the Order Wheel through the Item Wheel, choosing your console’s button prompt to Switch to Orders and selecting the instruction you wish to give.

Giving Orders

Any orders you give will apply to your whole squad. They will move to execute your command whether it’s to engage the enemy, regroup, or hold position.

If you ever want to adapt your orders after you’ve given them, you can select a new order to override the previous one you have chosen. For example, if you select “Go To” and then select “Regroup,” your teammates will follow the “Regroup” order.

Orders can be performed while aiming down sights, as well as while using the drone or binoculars.

AI teammates will be able to cross breached fences in order to follow you as you infiltrate camps using all the tools at your disposal.


Distance - NEW

Brand new with the AI Teammates in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the weapon family you choose to equip will have a direct gameplay impact! Your teammate’s engagement distance, damage dealt, rate of fire, and firing pattern will be determined by the primary weapon family they have equipped.

  • Engagement Distance: Distance at which the teammates will engage (i.e., having a sniper rifle equipped will result in a father engagement distance than having a shotgun equipped).
  • Damage Dealt: How much damage the weapon does to the enemy.
  • Rate of Fire: The frequency at which the weapon is fired.
  • Firing Pattern: Single shot, short burst, sustained fire, etc.
  • Reloading Logic: How long it takes for the weapon to reload based on its magazine type.


The AI Teammates will still interact with vehicles the same way they did in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. They will follow you into any non-individual vehicle and provide cover fire.

If your vehicle is already full or you happen to be in a hurry and leave without them, they will reappear either in the vehicle or around you once you have reached your destination.

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the AI Teammates will now be able to operate not only vehicle-mounted turrets, but also the remotely controlled turrets that certain vehicles have from inside!

They will open fire if you order them or if you are detected by the enemy.


Even the best Ghosts get hit sometimes. If you do happen to go down, your teammates will always try to revive you. Their first priority will be to get rid of nearby enemies who would interrupt the revival, so they might take a few moments to get to you.

You will only get one revive from your teammates, so make sure you don’t go into any situations unaware! If you go down again after the first revive by the AI Teammates, it will be an instant KIA unless you are in the Field Medic class.

As a Field Medic, you will have one revive from your AI Teammates and one from your class ability, if it is ready. After you have expended both, you will have an instant KIA if you go down.

If you’ve been revived once by your teammates, you will be able to benefit from this again if you leave the camp/immediate area in which you went down or clear it of enemies.

You will be able to carry your teammates to safety if one of them goes down. However, they will not be able to carry you.


While our team has been working diligently on the AI Teammates for a long time, we know there are a few minor issues with graphics that players may experience. For instance, swimming or getting in/out of water may trigger the incorrect animations in specific conditions.

We’ll continue to iron out the experience in future TUs!


We’re so excited to see all of your squads in the field! Be sure to send us your screenshots and videos of you and your AI Teammates in action on our Forums, the Ghost Recon Subreddit, or by tagging us on Twitter @GhostRecon.

We’re also eager to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts as our team works to improve them further.