July 9, 2020

TU 2.1.0 Changes to Gunsmith in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint


As we mentioned in our most recent developer update, our team has been working on changes to the Gunsmith. We’re excited to say that with the release of TU 2.1.0 for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint, players can expect to see the first phase of these changes! Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide their feedback and suggestions, as we’ve been busy implementing meaningful upgrades to the system.

Trigger Customization

To improve customization in the Gunsmith, we added more options for players to select their firing mode. This means that some burst/automatic weapons (like SMGs) will have the option for single fire/full auto, and some single fire/full auto weapons (like ASRs) will have a burst/automatic option. The mode you chose will not have an impact on the damage done — only the shots fired.

These new options will be directly available to all players once they have unlocked the associated weapon blueprints.

As a reminder:

  • Single fire is one bullet fired per pressure on the trigger.
  • Burst is three bullets fired per pressure on the trigger.

Below is the full list of SMGs that will have the option for single fire/full auto:

  • MP5
  • MP7
  • MPX
  • Scorpion EVO3 CQC
  • Scorpion EVO3
  • UMP
  • Echelon SMG
  • Vector
  • Vector Shorty

Below is the full list of ASRs that will have an additional burst/automatic fire option:

  • 416
  • 416 Shorty
  • 516
  • 553
  • 805 BREN
  • A2
  • AK12
  • G36C
  • M4A1
  • MK17
  • VHSD2
  • Silver Stake

Fore and Angled Grips

Based on the conversations we’ve seen from the community, our team noticed a lot of feedback on the placements of the foregrips on assault rifles. Changes will affect assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns.

New Control Shield (Muzzle) for ASR and New Muzzle Brake for SNR – Maria’s Shop

We have added two new muzzle options to Maria’s Shop. The control shield will provide a unique look for three separate weapon groups, which includes a specific muzzle visual FX.

You can use the control shield and the newly added Muzzle Brake with weapons listed below.

Control Shield 5.56 (ASR) Factory and Shorty Models:

  • 416
  • 516
  • 553
  • AK12
  • AK74
  • AUG
  • G36
  • IA2
  • M4A1
  • SC-20K
  • Tavor
  • VHS-D2

Control Shield 7.62 (ASR) Factory and Shorty Models:

  • 805 BREN
  • AK47
  • ARX200
  • MK17

Muzzle Brake .338 (Sniper):

  • HTI
  • L115A3
  • M82
  • SRSA1
  • TAC50

Additional Scopes – Maria’s Shop

With the latest update, three additional scopes will also be added in the game to Maria’s Shop: the SLX 5 Sight, Leupold, and VC16.

If you want to try them out, we recommend giving the following combinations a test in the field:

  • SLX 5 Sight with the MK 48
  • Leupold with the P90
  • VC16 with the G28

Below you will find the list of compatible weapons with each of the added scopes.

SLX 5 Sight

Compact ACSS magnified sight.

6P41SVD-63416 SCTMP5


Holographic scope with best visibility in class.

MP5M4416 Shorty
MPXRU12SG516 Shorty
P90SASG12A2 Shorty
Echelon 9 SMGSPAS12MK17 Shorty


Multiple zoom value scope (X1/X6). Toggle to switch.

L115A3553 SCTFRF2
M8274 SCTG28
AK 74
SC 20 K

Further Gunsmith Additions

Beyond the additions and fixes listed above, the GL M203 Grenade Launcher and the 50-Round Extended Magazines are selectable for Shorty variations. We also integrated the Socom Mini, the specific Assault variations suppressor, as well as a new 100-Round Extended Magazine for selected ASRs.

The Socom Mini will be unlocked by default in the Gunsmith for all players that have unlocked the related weapon blueprints.

The GL M203, 100-Round and 50-Round Extended Magazine can be purchased in Maria’s Shop. If you have already purchased the GL M203 or the 50-Round Extended Magazine before this update, it will automatically unlock for the new compatible weapons.

For the full list of weapons these new additions will work with, please see below.

GL M203 Grenade Launcher Attachment (Shorty):

  • 416 Shorty
  • 516 Shorty
  • A2 Shorty
  • M4A1 Shorty
  • MK17 Shorty

Socom Mini Suppressor (ASU):

  • 416 ASU
  • AK47 ASU
  • AK74 ASU
  • M4A1 ASU
  • MK17 ASU

50-Round Extended magazine for ASR (Shorty):

  • 416
  • 516
  • A2
  • M4A1
  • MK17

100-Round Extended magazine for ASR:

  • 416
  • 553
  • M4A1

TU 2.1.0 Gunsmith/Weapon Improvements & Bug Fixing

As we provide additions to the Gunsmith for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we’re also improving the state of weapons and attachments that currently exist. Here’s what you can expect in TU 2.1.0.


  • Converted AK47 Assault set to an SBR
  • Added GL M203 to 416 CQC
  • Total retake of Weapon’s UI Icons (weapons and attachments)
  • Update on positions of fore/angled grips for all under-barrel attachments
  • Modifications on hands positions and rotations on all foregrips in order to avoid wrist tension
  • Modified 516 CQC and EVO3 TAC side Picatinny position and move hands to avoid overlapping
  • Worked on framing update in Gunsmith's hidden menu mode
  • Retakes on G36 and 553 under-barrel Picatinny rails
  • Retakes on hand position in GL M203 (now placed on mobile part instead of trigger)
  • Retakes on the positions of GL M203 (now close to magazines) on every weapon
- Added extended magazines to M4A1 and MPX Tactical variations - Fix animation issue on EVO3 Angled grip - Replaced Hera Foregrip by RVG Foregrip on SN-9mm - Replaced Skeleton Angled grip with RVG on MP5 - Added RVG Foregrip on MPX and MPX Tactical attachments

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue where AOR 2 Paint would not unlock after the conditions are met
  • Added some missing model parts to the Gunsmith, including parts for UMP CQC and Folding Ironsight
  • Fixed an issue where scope color did not fit Quantum Theme Pattern
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a pre-selected attachment in the Gunsmith would sometimes make the model disappear
  • Fixed an issue where “Damage to Drones” text would be inconsistent on upgrades for different weapon classes
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would clip when players would aim the LMG Stoner with Ironsight scope
  • Fixed an issue where Weapon Connoisseur Challenge would not be awarded after getting 80 blueprints
  • Fixed an issue where shooting sound would be missing on C-SFP Baal
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent players from unlocking upgrades for the MK2 and MK3 even with perks unlocked in Ghost War
  • Fixed an issue where the preview for Tactical Vertical Foregrip would be missing in Vector’s Gunsmith
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from getting material parts after dismantling weapons in Ghost War

Future of the Gunsmith

Beyond the additions to Gunsmith in TU 2.1.0, players can expect to see further changes to Gunsmith this fall. These changes will include: the addition of customization for stocks, further under barrel compatibility and variety, new attachment options, and more!

We are thrilled to share the TU 2.1.0 changes to Gunsmith, and we are looking forward to your feedback!

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