For Honor Y6S1: Golden Age

The lost reliquary of Wyverndale has been unearthed by travelers from faraway lands. Among these treasures lies the Chalice of Immortality, an artifact that sheds light on the ancient past of Heathmoor. Long before the Cataclysm, Knights, Wu Lin, Samurai, and Vikings all lived in harmony in the ancient citadel of Wyverndale, which stood as a monument to peace and prosperity. This era of wonder was achieved thanks to the unprecedented efforts of Lord Ramiel, a heroic Knight who would become known as the First Warden.

In a time of terrible war, Lord Ramiel sought to bring an end to the bloodshed by making a pact with the Great Wyvern – a mythical, fire-breathing creature. The Wyvern helped the Knight defeat his enemies and, together, they watched over Heathmoor for generations.


For the Creed Throwback

The Animus has been corrupted again! You have been thrust into a temporal glitch that causes Ezio Auditore and Cesare Borgia to appear where they shouldn't. It's Assassins vs Templars right in the middle of Heathmoor. Join the fight and emerge victorious in order to fix the Animus synchronization error.

From April 28th to May 19th, take part in the For the Creed Throwback event for your chance to loot the original event's content, and all-new rewards inspired by the Assassin's Creed franchise in the free event pass.

The Oath of Wyverndale

During an era known as the Golden Age, the First Warden, Lord Ramiel, protected Wyverndale against all manner of evil. Only the bravest and the most valiant joined his legion to become fellow defenders of peace and prosperity. But to join Ramiel’s side, warriors had to prove their worth to the First Warden – in a trial of blood and fire.

From March 17th to April 7th, participate in Y6S1's launch event The Oath of Wyverndale to earn event-specific weapons, a Battle Outfit, an emote, and more. Also during the event, test your metal against Heathmoor's First Warden, Lord Ramiel, in the "Wyverndale" game mode. Available for a limited time only.

Warden Hero Skin

The pious Knight made a sacrifice to bring peace and protect his people. Through a sacred ritual, he bound his fate to a Wyvern and drank its blood in the Chalice of Immortality. As long as the Knight lived, so would the powerful creature. They vowed to protect the legendary citatel of Wyverndale together.

When the First Warden drank the wyvern's blood, he was blessed with tremendous powers, but also lost a part of himself. He lost his humanity, his ability to feel pain for himself and others. That is why modern Wardens and Warmongers have different interpretations of that same tale, claiming Ramiel's sacrifice as a symbolic story driving their beliefs.

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With the launch of Y6S1, Crossplay Phase 1 takes effect in For Honor. Crossplay will be implemented in matchmaking, unifying 3 player pools for all PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players. Later in Year 6, a Phase 2 will be introduced, allowing for group play among cross-platform friends. For more information regarding For Honor's Cross-play and it's deployment plan, please visit our FAQ.

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New Seasonal Customization

Before the Cataclysm, heroes from all factions lived in harmony in the great citadel of Wyverndale. Now, from the past of Heathmoor comes ornaments and armors forgotten to time. Warriors now have access to armors worn long ago by their ancestor, bearing the effigies of old myths and powerful, winged creatures who, once upon a time, roamed the lands of Heathmoor.

Battle Pass

New visitors from far away have unveiled the lost reliquary of Wyverndale. Now, treasures long forgotten have been made available to warriors once more. From the ancient past of Heathmoor comes old weapons that once again glisten in the light of day. Arm yourself with the blades of Heathmoor’s original warriors, and fight like the forebears of old.

Take your character on a quest back to the Golden Age with 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y6S1: Golden Age only.

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Battle Pass

Following the Cataclysm, lands are void of life, and hope has vanished. Warriors of each Faction are desperate to survive, and to fight for any resources they can find. To do that, they require weapons. Dark and razor-sharp, these weapons suit their era. For warriors will cut down anything in their path if it means their people have the chance to live on.

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New Hero: Varangian Guard

Varangian Guards are mercenary Vikings who have long thrived far beyond the borders of Heathmoor. The warriors stand by one another no matter what, their devotion having earned them a reputation for absolute loyalty. Once a Varangian Guard swears an oath, they never falter. They will always remain true to their client – and to their own.