January 20, 2022

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Warrior’s Den Recap – January 20th

In the Warrior's Den recap article, we'll go over the second title update (TU2) of Year 5 Season 4 Frozen Shores, starting on January 27th. This new TU will bring new content such as a new playable hero, a brand-new group of heroes, new armor variations and more.

For detailed discussion of the season and what's to come with the For Honor Dev Team, be sure to check out the Warrior's Den VOD to see what's to come on January 27th at launch Y5S4 TU2.


New hero: The Pirate

We are happy to present our newest playable hero in For Honor: The Pirate, available starting January 27th.

The Pirates are sea captains coming from Archipelago far from the land of Heathmoor. Each of them is a captain of their own ship, with hundreds of people relying on them for their survival. Bold, bossy and passionate, but neither good nor bad, The Pirates are coming this year in Heathmoor seeking lost treasures and relics.

Fiercely loyal to one another, they ally themselves with anyone who can help them -- and they fight anyone who stands between them and their spoils with their cutlass and pistol.  

Starting January 27th, The Pirate will be available from first-party stores for €7.99/$7.99 as part of a package that includes the new Hero, one exclusive Ornament, one Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status and three scavenger crates. Players can also unlock the hero starting February 10th for 15,000 Steel in-game. 

FH - Outlanders Symbol2

The Pirate will join the battlefield as the first hero the Outlanders group. The Outlanders are a new group of heroes added in For Honor consisting of free adventurers who have no cultural links between each other. As explorers and adventurers, they are the ones who will bring the relics, starting with the Pirate, and they will establish a connection between Heathmoor and this new group of Heroes. This new group will be available at the same time as the Pirate hero, starting January 27th. For more details about the Outlanders, please visit our special FAQ

In addition, with the arrival of The Pirate and the Outlanders group, new seasonal armor variations will be available for all heroes right at the start of TU2. A few armor variations for the Pirate hero have been delayed and will be available at a later date. The Pirates of the Aurora event will also start on January 27th all the way through February 17th. A free event pass will be available during the event. Players will be able to get a Battle Outfit, an Effect as well as an Ornament.

Year 6 Sneak Peek

FH - HELIX FH Y6 Keyart Final

In this Warrior's Den, we were happy to announce that For Honor will be back with another year of new content with Year 6: Lost Horizons, starting March 17th. Year 6 will consist of 4 seasons with 2 new heroes that will be added to the Outlanders, the addition of a new customization option with the Hero Skins, as well as further enhancements of the core combat experience and much more.

Of course, more information will come your way when we get closer to the Year 6 Season 1 launch, starting March 17th. In the meantime, for more details about the Year 6, please visit our special article.  

Alternate Material Update

On January 27th, we will have an important customization improvement. This change will allow the material coloration system to grant more color precision. The objective was to be more faithful to the colors of the preview. Accurate color control also leads to possibility of new, more subtle material colors. As of January 27th, all materials will switch to the new system.

If you want more information on that topic, you can watch the VOD of the Warrior's Den or you can look at the patch notes that will be released on January 27th.

Dominion Series

Stage 4 of the Dominion Series began with the Last Chance Qualifiers concluding on Saturday, January 15th. Congratulations to both of our winners, Better Than U (NA) and Tylenol & Friends (EU), who will move on to the Championship Finals as the fourth and final seed!

There was no official broadcast for the LCQ, but we want to send a big shout out to the For Honor Discord Dojo, who streamed the EU bracket, and Norgoz, who streamed the NA bracket. VODs are available on the Discord Dojo Twitch Channel and Norgoz's Twitch Channel.

For full standing and bracket results, visit https://battlefy.com/for-honor-dominion-series-2021.

Championship Finals

The Championship Finals will take place on February 12th. For a total prize pool of $41,000, teams will fight in a double elimination format and the winner will be crowned the 2021 For Honor Dominion Series Regional Champions.

Here are the competing teams:

  • EU: Nemesis Esports, Russian Mind Games, OverSleepers, Tylenol & Friends
  • NA: Black Jackals, Team Killing Service, On Flask, Better Than U

The Finals will be broadcasted on the official ForHonorGame and Ubisoft Twitch channel, as well as Ubisoft Youtube Channel. Make sure you tune in to receive exclusive rewards!

We'll see you again at the next Warrior's Den Recap.

Stay safe, see you on the battlefield!

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